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Financial System to Collapse - Interview with US Treasury Official

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In these interviews, former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury Roberts explains to us the current financial situation facing America and the world. I recall that Giani Thakur Singh ji once mentioned in his katha that the food, homes, jobs etc we have are a result of our past kamai. Difficult economic situations come about b/c peoples' kamai runs out.

part 1 http://kingworldnews.com/kingworldnews/KWN_DailyWeb/Entries/2013/3/15_Former_US_Treasury_Official_-_Fed_Desperate_To_Avoid_Collapse.html

part 2 http://kingworldnews.com/kingworldnews/KWN_DailyWeb/Entries/2013/3/16_Former_US_Treasury_Official_-_US_Financial_System_To_Collapse.html

Trends Forecaster, Gerald Celente, discusses Government Preparations for Economic Implosion:

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    • I lived in Madras now Chennai for 4 months. Very nice people. excellent food. many people told me that it's becoz of Sardaars that we got independence. Very simple nice people.
    • Don't trim it!  I stopped cutting my dhari over a year ago  when you first stop cutting it thats when its becomes a bit difficult to manage, especially your mucha   but once they grow longer it is a lot easier to manage. The same happened with me. 
    • Yh he makes some really interesting points. Like how the Kharku movement was not organized or planned movement at all, it was mainly young men who out of anger with how the authorities were abusing Sikhs  picked up arms and started killing policemen, politicians etc  There really was no direction. This was a weakness on their part.  I do really respect the Kharku Singhs though and their sacrifices, their stories and struggle live on to inspire today's generation    🙏 I think this was one of our weaknesses  the people fighting had no direction 
    • I'm neither for or against Khalistan, whatever people feel is right for them then that is right!  But if Khalistan is created i think there will be a lot of hypocrisy in society, hypocrisy on the same level as our paki neighbors and there "pak" society.  In countries where religion governs the society the religious leaders rise to a very high level of power and in many cases they abuse that power! and people normally out of fear still respect these religious leaders because of the air of religiousness in society.  I'm not saying that is what a Sikh country would be like but it does happen!  A lot of people in religious garb commit every sin under the sun yet punish others for doing the same, its an age old story.  Another thing the culture of the Northern region of the subcontinent is in conflict with the Religions that the people follow in these regions. The culture is very "macho" and rough and not in a Religious way either. North Indian culture really is not sophisticated or progressive. For centuries the tawaifs of Benaras, now Varanasi were the most famed prostitutes in the subcontinent, yet Varanasi is one of the most holiest places in subcontinent. These kinds of contradictions exist throughout the subcontinent, especially the North. Pakistan is a Islamic Republic yet they have Heera Mandi red light district actively used in broad day light. The culture where we come from is very much in conflict with the religions that people follow, thats how hypocrisy comes about as well. Punjab really is no different.  I'm not surprised Southern Indians look down at Northerners tbh!
    • LOL       thats actually quite scary!  I guess thats what Khalistan perhaps will be like 
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