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Shameless pseudo Sikh Malaysian politician

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Malaysian Sikhs angry at Sikh politician shaving bald

Singapore: Malaysian Sikhs are angry with a local Sikh politician who has shaved his head bald at a Chinese temple in the Northern Peninsular city to protest against money politics in the General Election being held today.

Jagdeep Singh Deo, a candidate for the Datuk Keramat state seat in northern peninsular Malaysia, joined other Chinese candidates campaigning in the General Election to protest by having their head shaved bald.

Before shaving their heads, the candidates knelt before the Goddess of Mercy (Guan Yin) Pavilion in Kek Lok Si Temple in George Town for the divine intervention to stop money politics in the election.

The Penang State Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng together with a group of other people was present at the prayer ceremony held at temple.

But the Sikhs in the country have reacted to the act of Jagdeep, son of prominent Malaysian lawyer and opposition leader Karpal Singh.

The Gurdwara Sahib Kangar president Pritpal Singh has described Jagdeep's act as an insult to Sikh religion, the basic tenet of which is never to shave their hair.

Pritpal said Jagdeep had forgotten the fundamentals of his own religion in his bid to uphold his cause against money politics. Jagdeep's facebook shows he and his family were not Amritdharis and he has cut his hair and was not wearing a turban. But this time he has shaved bald, according to a report by the New Straits Times yesterday.

"Cutting your hair or going bald without any medical reason is unacceptable. It is worse coming from a public figure like him," the New Straits Times quoted Pritpal as saying.

"There are many other ways of showing one's displeasure. As a Sikh, it is his communal duty to bear in mind the sensitivity of all Sikhs and their religion," Pritpal said.

Lawyer Ranjit Singh Dhillon has also criticised Jagdeep for forsaking his religion for cheap political stunts.

"For a Sikh to go bald in public is too much. It is an insult to the religion and the community," said Ranjit.


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I dont disagree with the fact that he did a shameful act. But he does it everyday inside his own home, why dont we raise a hue and cry about it ?

He anyways doesnt know the importance of Kesh

So he should stop calling himself a Sikh now and disassociate himself from anything to do with Sikhs.

He would be a most shameless hypocrite if he does not do so.

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So this fella was already a monah? That in itself isn't desirable, but is the problem because he shaved his head in a public place, or because he did it to garner votes, or because he was from a prestigious Sikh family, or what? Why the disdain for this guy (again, not saying what he did was right) but no such outcry of apostacy for the likes of Harbhajan Mann, Babu Mann, Jazzy B, etc?

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Well done Malaysian Sikhs for highlighting his cheap political stunt I.e he cut his short hair even shorter. I take it gurdwara president Pritpal Singh &lawyer Ranjit Singh Dhillion have no political affiliations with the coalition government parties for example the malaysian indian congress. I hope less important issues faced by sikhs in malaysia are addressed by Pritpal Singh & R.S.Dhillion, and they make a statement on them also. It goes without question there logic is flawless as some one who cuts their hair already has NOW forsaken their religion by shaving their head presumably prior to the shaving his hair style was palatable to them?

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