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What Is Your Sewa?


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You constantly run away from seva, Chatanga. Remember you ran away when there were talks about financing parchaar projects in Pak or getting a historical Granth translated?

No, ManmatKosh, I am still committed to these projects but I CHOSE not to work on them with a person like you.

Remember how you tried to deceive everyone on Sikhawareness.com with an edited tract from an historical granth?

I would work on your hankar first. That should be your main project. I'm sure you'll find plenty of quotes from Guru Granth Sahib about hankar.

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No, ManmatKosh, I am still committed to these projects but I CHOSE not to work on them with a person like you.

Remember how you tried to deceive everyone on Sikhawareness.com with an edited tract from an historical granth?

I would work on your hankar first. That should be your main project. I'm sure you'll find plenty of quotes from Guru Granth Sahib about hankar.

You got no historical knowledge and start name calling because you're so insecure. Grow up. And the historical tract speaks for itself, you can twist it as much as you want. Bring any non biased even non Sikh translator and see what he makes of it.

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Scholars? Isn't that were you have gone wrong? Following the 10th Grade pass "Professors", when you should be listening to Gyanis, well-versed in Gurbani and trained in Gurmat for years before they are allowed to preach?

No thank you.

Dont argue with retards my friend.
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On 06/09/2013 at 10:50 AM, chatanga said:

Just an idea I had, and I hope these words can express it, but when I look around at younger Sikhs today, those who follow Sikhi, to any extent seem to be into everything and anything Sikhi.

I was thinking about this, cos I have been like this in my younger days, but now have realised that there are so many areas to work in, for the betterment of the panth, that it is impossible to do every one. Rather than be a jack of all trades and expert in none, i made a decision to look at what things in the panth can be improved and do sewa specifically for that.

So i made a decision to work on 2 main projects only for the future, whilst supporting any others i can.

Since I have been doing it, i have felt that there has actually been progress, and would like to impress on the Sikhs here that maybe there could be an issue(s) that they feel strongly about and devote themselves to that practically and prioritise that.

Here are some areas in which attention is required, please feel free to add others:

Sewa in your local gurdwara, ie specifically,langar, education, community awareness

Gurmat Sangeet


SIkh heritage around the world, esp Pakistan, and certain states in india

SIkh manuscripts, which are rotting/hidden away, which could be brought before world-wide sangat, and translationed into english

Human Rights


Charity work

Sikh political issues in the western world on community or national scale

Important annual events in the Sikh calendar

Sikhi camps

Forgotten traditions within the panth

International world days (examples of this are world literacy day, sept, and world book day in march)

With some of these people who are reluctant to do sewa for the panth, because of their personal commitment to their Sikhi, (meaning they may not be keeping kes etc) there are still areas in which they can still provide sterling assistance to the Panth.

Bump. For 2017.

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On 07/09/2013 at 0:26 PM, chatanga said:

Sikh history can be divided into 5 periods:

1.The Guru Period 1469-1708

2.The Dal Khalsa 1708-1799

3.The Sikh Raaj 1800-1849

4.The British Raaj 1849-1947

5. Partition and after 1947-present

Of course these 5 main periods will still have further specific divisions in them.

Brothers and sisters, why not take a particular period, and focus on that for personal interest and specialise in that time period?

Or take a particular event, person, from these periods and learn all about that, from every source available and specialise in that?

That is not to say, neglect the others, but to become experts on particular strands of Sikh history.

Then why not in some future time, share that expertise with the wider Sikh community?

Take the example of Gurinder Singh Mann, who has devoted himself to learning about Dasam Granth and other less well known scriptures. Now after years of intense research on specific subjects, he is doing an amazing job sharing his research with the world.

YOU can be the next Gurinder Singh Mann.

Bump. For 2017.

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    • First thing, these types of situations aren't anything new to the panth. Second thing, if we don't do different moves to previous ones, how can we expect outcomes to be different? Plus, if he's put his head up above the parapet like that, I'm sure he full well knows where it can go.  I'm sure he's not naive.    They should break out all those people who have been imprisoned for Waheguru knows how long, well after their sentences were completed. Actually that should have been done a long time ago. 
    • Hello everyone! Its a been a minute...How you been? Guess i am back because H*ndus are out full force wanting to k*ll Sikhs ..... We are facing turmoil.... Meanwhile on twitter they going insanse with their genocide threats memes etc I dont even know anymore what there is left.....sick and tired facing injustices  Either Amritpal will be k*illed of or an 'accident' like Deep Sidhu  Its insane last 3 years have been like we are in the same ditch cycle  @dallysingh101 @californiasardar1 @Kaurr @MisterrSingh (and rest i can't remember)
    • There is a lot of false media , false allegations , false whereabouts of Bhai Amritpal Singh. A person who has taken a step , to devote is life in helping :- 1. Those who on drugs 2. A lifeline for those Mothers who see there children ,dosed up in Drugs  3. Telling them to take amrit , do meditation , do seva , read gurbani 4. Stand up for your rights 5. Get together as a kaum  6. Speaking up against atrocities carried out on the minorities   He is deemed as a threat to Punjab , for his actions . How low can the Police , MPs, the leadshership in India go . They are very threatened by Bhai Amritpal Singhs mindset , a mindset to free the Sikhs , and unravel the corruption behind Indias politics.  May waheguru keep Bhai Amritpal Singh in chardikala and give him strength to fight against injustices and wake up the Kaum worldwide regardless of ones background.  
    • There's bus service called Indo-Canadian operating from Delhi to main cities of Punjab (like Ludhiana). Never tried it but I know people who have and heard it's quite safe and stops along the way at restaurants. From Ludhiana, you can take a local bus to Moga city and book a hotel (don't know much about Punjab hotels as I never stayed in one). You can book online for the bus.  I've travelled to Punjab for a long time, as a local of that area, it's perfectly safe. Just take normal pre-cautions. Local shop food in Punjab is safe to eat if you can handle oil, masala's, etc.  You don't have to worry about being targeted because of being Sabat Soorat. Seen plenty of Sabat Soorat men and Nihangs and no one targets them. Police are not an issue, they don't bother anyone whose trying to get by their life normally. You can keep a few hundred rupees in your pocket just in case you do get into trouble with them in an unlikely incident.  To blend in, Try to dress like a local. Wear a white Kurta-Pajama or simple western clothing  Pretend you're just visiting from another Indian or Punjab city (don't tell people you're from abroad as you can get overcharged for cheap things) Communicate in local Punjabi as much as possible or speak in an Indian accent if you can't. But some NRI's have accents that give it away easily.  Bargain when you're buying things (apart from food places or if the shop specifically says "fixed price"). Bargaining is great and you can bring down the price by half.  Lastly, just enjoy your stay, there's a lot of history to explore in Punjab too apart from the mainstream/popular places like Wagah border, Harmandir Sahib or Chandigarh.  
    • Flipping 'ell: She had a son.   https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11878435/Chilling-moment-honeytrap-killer-lies-son-not-come-home.html
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