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Confused To Do Paat?

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Well i've got this urge of doing paat! - i wanna do it and feel like doing it to refresh the mind and get closer to God.
I eat meat/fish (whenever), me and my family buy meat/fish and we have acohol in the house.

I wanna try and set days of consuming meat/fish, i do wanna (in time) stop eating meat..fish maybe.
Anywho, we have Gutkeh in our house in the top room, we cleaned our house and moved things.. and we had acohol in that room and we moved it in my room ( we had a wedding! ) And in the back of my mind it sprung to me that when i do Kirtan Sohila ( you do it just before u go sleep, in bed ) that i have acohol in my room.

I dont want this to set me back, as i wanted to do paat ages before but issues and feelings have took over the situation :/ dissapointed to say!

I wanna try and wake up before i need to leave the house and do Japji Sahib..do it before breakfast.
- Say if its too cold and i cant be asked to have a shower and choose to do paat is that forbidden?
- Is it ok to do it a 7.00am? 7.30am?
- Am i suppose to do Ardass after?

When i comeback i wanna do Rehrass, my mum listens to it on telly, but i wanna try and read it.
- what time are you suppose to do it?
- what if i eat fish/meat outside, can i still do it?
-Am i suppose to do Ardass after?

^.^ Japji Sahib and Rehrass i would be doing in the top room..which leave's Kirtan Sohila?? btw we keep shoes in the top room we dont want, so we can give them to charity, is that a sin? ( as we keep the Gutkeh there )

btw does anyone know a really good websites that do Kirtan Sohila, Mool Mantar, Chaupi Sahib, Ardass translations on posters?
Also what is the difference between Mool Mantar, Chaupi Sahib and Ardass

and when is the best time to do Chaupi Sahib and Mool Mantar??

Thankyou, please help me expand my knowledge in paat.

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Its commendable that you want to start reading our SatGuroo Jee's Banee.

However, first things is first, you'll need to work on stopping all meat/fish/eggs, alcohol and tobacco consumption as this is a massive "reecaavat" - roadblock in your spiritual progression.

Its highly advisable that you have a shower everyday in the morning before reciting GurBanee from a Gutka sahib. Cleanliness is very important on this path and it seems from your post that its only laziness thats stopping you from having a shower in the morning and not any other responsibility/cause.

Try doing a little Simran before reading GurBanee as it should help.

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Guest sadfdsfsdf

most of your questions dont have a straight yes or no answer, it depends on how far you want to go personally... After you take amrit the answers to these questions will become straightforward yes and no. The panj piare will explain how to do everything.

1.) Its not forbidden- at minimum just wash your hands feet and face before you start.

Once you take amrit you will have to shower every morning.

2.) Any time is ok for any paath when you start off... doing it regularly is the main thing.

Once you take amrit you get up before the sun rises, do simran for a few hours and then around 5/6 ish start nitnem.

3.) Doing ardaas afterwards would be great but if it means you are not going to do jap ji sahib because you cba with ardaas, still do jap ji sahib.

Once you take amrit you should do ardaas after nitnem.

4.) Rehraas is done in the evening around dusk.

5.) Im not sure about this one. At least have a shower if you have eaten meat before toutching gutka sahib. I personally think it is wrong to have alcohol and meat in the same house as gutka sahib but i dont want to discourage you from doing paath, so slowly try to cut these things out. At least have no meat/ alcohol on the same floor. Another solution is maybe just use your smartphone as a gutka... so there is no sin of having meat and alcohol in same house as gutka?? i dont know.


Yes please take away the shoes from the gutka room.

When you do paath from a gutka, if people walk on the floor with outside shoes on, then you should put a clean sheet on the floor before doing paath on the floor.

hope this helps

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With regards to ardaas I'm sure it's okay just to do short ardaas. Just a personal benti ie asking forgiveness for mistakes whilst reading bai

Also if you've consumed meat etc since your last shower you should probably shower again, but that may just be my opinion

Also meat/alcohol in the same house is something you can't do anything about but in the same room as the gutke is not good, and shoes too, so maybe find a long-term solution

Also, with simran I never realised the importance, but sitting there and saying Vaheguru and trying to concentrate is important and you should definitely try that to (a lot of the time we think it's the same as saying "oh rabba" when in pain or something - or this may just be the people I've come across - but it's not)

Good luck on what could prove to be a truly beautiful turn in your life

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