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Missing Meditation!

Guest singh!

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Hi everybody! I have this one question im fairly new to naam simran about a month ago i started meditating mostly everyday but the days i missed i felt very bad... how come tht feeling arises when i miss a day? Im not amritdhari or even keshdhari im just a normal another brwn guy! And just a side question are there diff stages for meditation and will i start seeing thing cuz currently i see alot of lights flashing and im always in bliss after meditating!

Thanks much love to you guyss!

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Meditation is the FIRST step that you can take to start increasing spiritual awareness.

You may find that you keep shifting gears Up and Down at first and sometimes going in Reverse, like you feel now. But once the motor is going and is sure of the direction, the only way to go is Up.

One method that I would recommend if you feel at a halt, is to read bani and do veechar. -(Work out, what the meaning is saying to YOU, personally)

This will hopefully encourage increased hunger and thirst for waheguru. Then, the meditation/simran becomes much easier.

I thoroughly believe that naam simran is a MUST for every one of us.

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