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Jeevan Sedhan - Part 1 - Bhai Guriqbal Singh Ji Kaulsarwale

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I tried to open it few times but not worked

How are u opening it? It works for me, you have to be signed in to open it.

Is there an English translation plz?

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    • https://asrandhawa.wordpress.com/2013/11/19/the-cheater-who-runs-crook-organization-khalsa-aid-in-uk/ @puzzled  Mentions 84 victims and how Ravi took advantage 
    • That's good, i think once they finish school enter college and uni when sjw brainwashing starts.......esp those who start studying sociology, feminism and all the bs...then they'll start bringing Sikhi into it  There is Singh that went to Oxford, and he made movement on mental health...and SIkhi being going on for years ....writes these ridiculous articles on far left politics, socialism and brings Sikhi into it...
    • I showed the video to my mother and the first thing she said was why does ravi singh not help them? i actually never sit with my family and discuss sikh matters or issues, so she said it herself.  the last bibi shown in the video filled my eyes, can't even imagine what must of been going through her mind when her Singh told her to save herself and go. 
    • Sikh schools are gd tho   theres a few Sikh kids on my road that go to the local khalsa school and they have started keeping their joode etc  my sister used to know a punjabi woman (whose boy friend was a polish) that was a teacher at the local primary school and she left the school, and she told my sister that the way they teach the kids at that school is as if they are "training an army"   which for sjw is not good   but for the rest of us its a gd thing!  not saying sikh schools are perfect but they still are gd 
    • Lal Singh Bhaman who became a British agent during the 1st Anglo/Sikh war and was regularly providing the British with information along with the Gulab Dogra
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