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Mahima Of Wahiguru, His Nam & His Gurmukhs ....

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On the beauty of Wahiguru

Sree Guru Ram says:

Jan Nanak ka Prabh sundar soami, mohe Tum sar awar na laage.

The Lord of Nanak is so beautiful , that to me there in none another like Him.

Oh my God, I have heard You are great and beautiful and sweet, but that much......beyond any imagination, any description...

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Pray truth for all and say Sat Sri Akaal,

Dear all and harsharan000 jee,

I have been trying to find the combination of the words "Mahima" and "Wahiguru" in Sree Guru Granth Saahib jee since I have read this thread.

I was not successful.

Thanks for referring the wondrous Sabad from Sree Guru Granth Saahib Jee.


bilaaval mehlaa 5.

Bilaaval, Fifth Mehl:

The Vaak is: mahimaa saaDhoo sang kee, sunhu mayray meetaa.

This Sabad is not saying "mahimaa Wahiguru kee, sunhu mayray meetaa."

Balbir Singh

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