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Wjkk wjkf. I have a question. Im 16. I had a major exam before this. I always worked hard. I did my very best. While waiting for the results i always asked waheguru to get me straight a's for it. But 1 day i while praying, i told babaji that if i dont get straight a's for my next majors is okay but this please maje me get straight a's. It took roughly 3 months for the results to come out. So i got straight a"s for that exam im really greatful but now im scared what if babaji dont make me get straight a's for my next majors even if i work hard? Should i be worried bout it?

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Having straight A's is not everything.

So, don't get down or depressed if you don't get them.

I have come across too many straight A's who couldn't be smart or knowledgeable enough to be involved in simple communication with others in the real world. So don't ever assume that you are not good enough or that others are better than you.

I should just carry on with the hard work the way you are going.

Having done ardas and achieving A's with hard work previously, should encourage you to be more positive and not let it worry you.

You should already have the faith restored in you from past experiences. Don't let any worrying take that faith away.

All the best and good luck

(edited.... as previous post may have come across as negative!)

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Dear brother,

irrespective of any circumstances in life, our Gurus have taught us to remember him in all situations: Saas saas simroh Gobind.

When this is done faithfully, He will come and abide in us, then there are no worries, only the bliss of His Nam.

When He is with us in these conditions of His constant Simran, there are no failures, which as good as, everything turns out into A

May God bless you

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aww sweet! I know how your feeling lol !

But when you feel worried about if you've done your Ardas right or wrong, just remember this Shabad by Guru Nanak Dev Ji on Ang 1420 of Sri Guru Granth Shaib Ji

"Vin Boliya Sabh Kichh Jaandaa Kis aagaye keejeiye ardaas." :respect:

He knows everything, without being told; unto whom should we offer our prayers?

Im not saying don't do Ardas because je rabb toh ni manga tha hor kehde toh mangna, Gods the giver so do ask but just leave the worrying to him.

"Man Beche Satgur Ke Paas" :lol2:

sell your mind which is full of worries, to the true guru

Bhul chuk maaf and good luck im sure you'll do brilliant :smile2:

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