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Bhagat Soor Das Full Shabad - Anyone Have It?

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in raag sarang, there is one line of bhagat soor das.

Does anyone have the rest of the shabad that was not included in sggs? the gurmukhi version???

all i have is this


Bhagat soordas ful shabad

Cbbad man bar bimukban ko sang. Kaha bhayio pai pan piyaye, bikh nahi tajat bbuyang. Rahao.

Kagan ka kapoor chugaye, suan nuyae gang. Khar to kaha agar ko tepan, market bhookhan ang.1.

pahan patit ban bedbeari, reete hoye nikbang, soor das ki kali kamri, charhat na dooja rang.2.


ive attached a foto of meera bai bani at the end of raag maru as well.




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thts ok. but its not bani. its not in the damdama sahib bir or kartarpuri bir.

it is in the bhai banno bir.

only the first line of bhagat soor das was accepted for sggs. the rest of the shabad is largely believed to have been rejected by guru arjun dev ji; and guru arjun dev ji gave the uttar to soordas bani in their shabad 1253 ang in sggs.

the second shabad is the meera bai shabad. this was wholely taken out.

this alont with naseehatnama, sansarnama, ratanmala (attributed to guru nank dev ji) was also taken out by guru arjun dev ji because it is again largely believed that bhai banno added these banis.

i believe this, however i also find plausibility in saying, the 6 words of bhagat soordas was the begining of the shabad, and the kavi left space for the rest of the shabad, but didnt fill it in. implying that he was supposed to. but then guru arjun dev ji gave the uttar anyway in the following shabad. and then added bhagat kabir ji shabad har bin kaun sahaee mun ka. all on ang 1253.

so, it is not bani. but it is, i believe, very useful to know and have.

thats why i look for it bhagat soor das bani. and i have found thatits in a granth written by soor das called sur sagar granth. soor das wrote 3 works. this is one of them. i am looking for this. i dont mind if its in hindi or what have you...

if anyone has this, please, send it my ways.



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It can be found at site kavitakosh.org ( an excellent site if you enjoy hindi, urdu & other indian language poetry . Here the first line is written as - Tajo man hari bimukhan ko sang . all other lines are as I read during mu school Days ( full bhajan by SoorDas ) as follows

तजौ मन हरि, बिमुखनि कौ संग ।

जिनकैं संग कुमति उपजति है, परत भजन में भंग ।

कहा होत पय पान कराऐँ, विष नहिं तजत भुजंग ।

कागहिं कहा कपूर चुगाऐं, स्वान न्हावाऐं गंग ।

खर कौं कहा अरगजा-लेपन, मरकट भूषन-अंग ।

गज कौं कहा सरित अन्हवाऐं, बहुरि धरै वह ढंग ।

पाहन पतित बान नहिं बेधत, रीतौ करत निषंग ।

सूरदास कारी कामरि पै, चढ़त न दूजी रंग ॥7॥

It means in full that - Hey mann, ye shall give up company of those who are against god. (Because in such company ) thier company will arouse kumatt and our simran gets disturbed .Like serving milk to serpant , he will not give up emitting poison , same way feeding kapoor to Crow and giving holy bath to Dog will always be futile .Again giving chandan lape (annointing ) to Donkey , decorating a monkey with GEms & ornaments , Giving river bath to Haathi , all are futile as these animals will not give up thier ( wayward & bad ) habits . The fallen souls (durjan peoples ) are Stones which cannnot ne pierced by arrows , only our Tarkash will become empty in out Tryst . So says soordass that a black kambal cannot be dyed in any other colour -

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There is only one line mentioned in SGGS P 1253 - Further next there is a Shabad mentioned as Sarang Mahla 5 Soordas and Full Shabad is noted down as M 5 is mentioned alongwith , it is surely a Shabad by Sri Guru Arjan Dev ji - but in the last line Soordas name is mentioned . Prof Sahib singh in Guru Granth Sahib Darpan ( Teeka of SGGS) at page 5177 to 5183 has given his views very nicely ( I strongly recommend a reading ) the teeka is available for download at vidia.com and gurbanifiles.org

Prof Sahibsingh ji has also mentioned that " some people say that the full bhajan ny Soordas is written in Bhai Banno khari Beer , and in Kartarpuri Beer full Bhajan is written and is cancelled ( Uppar hartaal feri gayi hai ) " . Burt he further mentions that he himself had opportunity to have darshan & study of KartarPur Beer (alongwith Principal Jodh singh & Master Kehar singh ) and in Kartarpori Beer only one line ( under reference ) alone is written ( without any further lines written & deletion made thereof ) and there is no reason to doubt his words

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mere vir ji, thank you for that.

I do however know that information, and i have the file, and read it.

I am asking if there is another shabad to bhagat soor das ji that was not included.

the "chad mun har bimukhan ko sang" is the start of the shabad (more correct if we say 'bhajan') of surdas ji. in this bhajan, there is a rahao line, and 2 pauris.

prof sahib singh mentions in "about compilation of SGGS" that Dr SS Kholi says on page 119 of his book that bhagat soor das ji composed 2 shabads.

i am wondering whether the "2 shabads" reffered to by Kholi are the 2 pauris of bhagat soor das ji, or is there actually another whole shabad composed by soor das ji that was ommited??

many thanks

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The bhajan having the above lines has been quoted in full , I have quoted the site , please search in the site if another bhajan suits your requirement , even otherwise I am sure you will love the other bhajans too , and the site also . as it is a minefull of good poetry.

There is a story that Meerabai , having been persecuted by her Husband's family wrote letter to Soordas & tulsi dass , i do not have full poem , but remenber a line from the poem since school days - GHAR KE SWAJAN HAMARE JETE SABANIH RAAR BADHAAI , Both Soor Das & tulsi Das responded . Soor Das replied in Bhajan - "Chand Man hari Bimukhan ko sang , Ja ke sang kumat upjati hai parat bhajan me bhang " and Tulsi das replied in Bhajan " Ja ke hriday nahi Ram Vaidehi , tajiye taahi kot vairi sam jadapi param sanehi "

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thanks for that, i will defo look into it.

i take it you dont know the other shabad that singh ji refferd to in the book?

i personally, only thought that it was the rahao and first two pauris that singh ji was talking about.

in case i an mistaken, i post and ask if there is another shabad by bhagat soor das ji that was taken out of SGGS.

i know there are 2 granths attributed to bhagat soor das; sur sagar granth (supposed to be >100,000 bhajans but now i think < 8000), sur saravali (creation story with focus of krishna), and sahaitya-lahiri (devotional bhajans).

so i am in no shortage of bhajans!

i wish to know if there is another shabad attributed to bhagat soor das ji other than chad har bimukhan ko sang.

thanks jioz


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