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Sangat ji, I took amrit when I was 15 and have since done kurehits - sexual relationship, drugs, alcohol and cigarettes a few years ago. Got my Sikhi back in line and connected with the Guru 4/5 years ago and the time has come for me to retake amrit as I am so much stronger now and in my early 30s to do so and keep rehit (I was in a weak and low point in life at uni when this all started)

What do I say to the Panj Payre at the Amrit Sanchar?

I tie a dhumalla - they put Amrit in Kesh so open top parna without boongah on the day?

Need help especially by people that have gone pesh.

Thank you all.


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Just go to the panj pyares and ask for forgiveness.. Tell them the truth and they will forgive you. When you come to the guru's house the guru will always forgive you. My guru is dayavaan... He will forgive you...

I'm not to sure how the pesh system works cause maharaj di Kirpa naal I have not committed a kruheit and maharaj di Kirpa naal never will I have to.

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You tell them what happened. They may ask follow up questions. Listen carefully and accept the decision of the Punj Pyare fully and commit within yourself to do exactly what they say and in the time frame they say if so specified.

Dastaar/Dumalla - As long as the center top of the head is accessible to pour Amrit into freely, it should be fine. Some Amrit Sanchars may require that a Boonga or Keski be incorporated into the Kesh (Dumalla), so be prepared to tie it a bit loose so as to facilitate the process. If you have any doubts of this, as the pehradaar or any of the other sevadaars involved in the Amrit Sanchar to assist.

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