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Stuck In A Terrible Marriage

Guest Gupt Kaur

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Sister try not to cry, it's easier said than done, but keep strong. I haven't read ur posts properly yet but here's some shabads to help u ji



Have u considered staying at ur mothers house? What is stopping u from having a break? This way u get space from the problem and to be able to deal with it better.

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Two examples of inaction from Gursikhs (one male, one female) that I personally knew who were constantly told to "stick it out" in marriages that were doomed from the very beginning. The first, an in

Telling a woman to try harder to make her abusive husband change is the most idiotic and dangerous advice you could give. It is becuase of the advice of people like yourself that so many women and fam

I realise divorce is not an easy option. At the least, you should know that I'm here if you want to talk, and I don't live far away from you either if you want a "confidential" friend.

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