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Solution To Backsliding From Sikhi

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After reading through a number of masturbation and lust problems, I was reading through a website when I came across a message which could be highly helpful.


Practicing what this page says should help to put you back on the right path.

May Waheguru help you.

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Thank you for the links. I now see the dassan das in a new light.

I previously knew a lady who was the mother of a former classmate. She was a follower of Dassan das. They have odd beliefs I would say. She had a bath like fie times a day just to go and do the jot. She claimed that she was nearly dying and very ill and that he saved her from death and helped her recover fully.

She wanted to convert her son and daughter in law as well. She was always smiling and happy and in high spirits. That can be misleading to someone that she has indeed found her true Guruji.

Babaji held overnight samagams at her residence. There was no sign of any Guru Granth sahib there. The langer consisted of only roti and dhali masar dhal. She said babaji said that only that dhaal was accepted as pure in sach khand. She taught us stitching and talked about dassan das as well. Many of the shabads sang as well are not from the Guru Granth Sahib.

However we had Guru Granth Sahib Ji parkash as our place so we carried on with our religion as it was.

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    • Manmat creeps in when people go after the latest fad. Since the last 20 years look at all these anand karaj occurring on the beaches of Mexico with semi naked white women walking around in the Hazuri of Guru Sahib on the beach. Our own have no sharam left when they do this.  Homosexuality is the latest fad. We are already seeing  our own SJWs making noise about allowing this in a Gurdwara twisting the meaning of Hukm by saying this is all Hukm of Maharaj. Soon the new generation of Sikh kids who have been indoctrinated in schools about this mental disorder through sex ed will do the unspeakable by allowing this manmat to occur.
    • 😄  i think in gay couples one is like the wife the feminine one, while the other is the husband   so they probably carry the roles out according to that    🤣       
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    • How will they decide who gets to go first during the parkarma? Who holds the parna, in the case of AK, when both the participants are the same sex? Nevermind, I don't want to think about it.
    • The Paki kids would openly insult the Hindu kids, but i'm not sure why but they bit their tongue a lot more when it came to the Sikh kids! even though Sikh kids were like a tiny minority in my school. the poor hindu kids got a lot from the pakis though.  Yeah i remember during one cricket match the Paki boys marched through the playground shouting slogans like "India is a b@stard" throwing their hands in the air. You know how they do elections in Pakistan it was like that.  Cricket matches were crazy, remember the world cup where India won against srilanka? where it was India vs Pakistan in the semi finals, think it was 2011, during the semi final that was like a huge event in out school! many of the teachers even cancelled the lessons and put the match on their laptops! India won anyway lol!  i didn't know much about Sikhi back then and i came wearing a orange Nike t-shirt with a backpack with a massive khanda on it 😄    should of seen the faces of the Pakis when they saw that.  On that very day, I also i remember very well a huge big fat Punjabi girl pinning me against the wall and scratching the hell out me because i called her FAT   😄      i was going out with her cousin lol!      that girl was enormous!  my neck had scratch marks and blood!   never call a fat girl fat!  once you're in her clutches, wedged between the wall and her belly  its quite a task freeing your skinny self from it!!  
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