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Shaster Vidya Is A Waste Of Time

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Sikhs and guns?? We can't even handle a Sri Sahib because of lack of self discipline, let alone guns! I mean, we only have to remember what happens in our gurdwarehs when the committees can't settle a dispute!!! It was so shameful to read in the newspapers last year what happened at the Golden Temple in Amritsar where a bunch of self proclaiming singhs got involved in a conflict with another bunch of self proclaiming singhs!! The world witnessed an ugly scene at the holiest shrine of the Sikhs! This is not how Guru's Singhs behave. Possessing weapons without self discipline is a horrendously dangerous thing! SHASTAR VIDIYA provides that discipline ESPECIALLY when this VIDIYA is accompanied with the DASAM GRANTH BAANIES!!! There is no point in carrying weapons if you don't have MENTAL discipline, most so called Amritdarries are wearing Sri Sahibs without even stepping on the Shastar Vidiya training floor!!! They have no knowledge of SV, not even a clue! Shocking!

Discipline goes hand in hand with shastra vidiya. It is important for all sikhs who have taken the Amrit to learn shastra vidiya in my opinion.

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