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singhbj singh

Khalsa colleges’ sanskaari conditions for admissions: Long scarf, no short skirts and more

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I see nothing wrong with Sikh institutions setting conditions for entry.

In this case, girls have to not be wearing revealing clothes and have to be wearing a chunni to get a certificate for entry under the Sikh quota. They have to have Kaur in their name. They have to have long hair.

Boys have to have untrimmed beards and turbans and Singh in the name.

Everyone needs to have knowledge of Sikhism.

I'm sure our self-hating Sikhs will start bleating about this, but if someone wants to live like a Hindu, or an atheist, they're free to do so, but the Sikh Sangat is not going subsidize them.

I don't know who is behind this, but if it's Manjit Singh GK (President of the Delhi Gurdwara Committee), props to him for this.

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I  dunno it seems that indian media are listing the requirements for someone who doesn't know about sikhi to a pose as a sikh and gain  admission under minority reservation as a sikh

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    • The best schools in Slough are full of Indians from other boroughs in London like Harrow, Hounslow, Hayes etc and even further afield which results in more competition for places.  This means that the local Indians in Slough are pushed out of their own local schools.  What this has meant is that these Slough kids who would have got into grammar schools twenty years ago are now going into secondary schools and are inadvertently raising the schools standards.  There are secondary schools in Slough (second tier ) are fast improving their GCSE results and now have sixth form attached to them and have become over-subscribed. The peripheral areas of Slough is now filling up with Indians but I there is a cycle. Pakis move into the area which pushes the Indians out who move into whiter areas, and the goreh move out, the area becomes Indian and the Pakis follow the Indians and so on and so forth.
    • You've hit the nail on the head yet again. Apne move to whiter areas but the more that move the quicker white flight becomes. Nice areas around Slough such as Langley, Richings Park, Iver, Datchet, Burnham, Taplow are becoming more and more Indian. The whites are moving out fast from these places. Goreh really do not like living amongst Indians. All of the best schools in Slough are full of Indians and these rank as some of the best in the country. There is no need to follow goreh all of the time.
    • The panj pyaare to lead a country? Country: People from all classes, religions and backgrounds with hopes and dreams of a stronger economic future wanting a fair non-corrupt leadership so that their families have a chance at employment, a safer society Panj Pyaare, Akaal Takht / Any Takht: Employed reprentatives for a company which owns a collection of "historical" (plus other) establisments. Said employees belong to uneducated, poor and needy families who have managed to work their way through the bureaucracy of the above company and managed to be appointed. Current Leadership: Corrupt individuals who come from wealthy families, who have maintained their standing in the economic/social system of Punjab who themselves appoint the above and have very little interest in helping the people but more in mainatining what they have. Hypothetical BSc/MSc Working Class Punjabi: Not going to let that happen and rightfully so. Reality is far from this idea of a dystopia which many of us have started to wish for. In Punjab where as on the ground the situation is very different from what those living abroad view it as. As children we are taught that the Panj Pyaare are the embodiment of Guru Gobind Singh Jee and as much as I would liked to have thought this to be true, it simply isn't true as demonstrated by the current Sikh establishments and those that are supposedly leading our community.
    • In those towns, it is seen as 'aspirational' and 'progressive'  to give your kids western names because they think it gives them a head start in life. This is mostly done by the brown/blond and blue contact lens brigade, they have given themselves 'western names' in their workplaces. The complete irony of course is that these areas like Southall/Hounslow/Slough is that the parents don't even send their kids in their local areas (unless it is a Grammar School or Sikh school). That is because the demographics have changed so much in those areas that people want to send their kids to whiter schools and then they swarm these areas and in turn it into brown schools and they are back to square again.  
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