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Geopolitics - what is going on in the world


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This is a thread created in relation to other threads and posts recently.

I am quite interested to know what those who are wiser amongst us, believe is the 'plan' of the 'elite', with regards to the future of the world. E.g. what are the motivations for the unrest in the Middle-east, reasons for recent issues between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the antagonism of the West towards Iran and Russia, why there is uncontrolled immigration in Europe?

Is this to benefit Jews and Christians? To benefit the bankers and big businesses

How will Sikhs be affected in India and in the West?

What collective stand can be take as a community in India, and in the West?

Sorry if I am repeating much of what has been said before, but I feel this deserves its own thread

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I am from Birmingham UK and noticed how fast the world is changing. I have seen many white women become Muslims! Also black people. I have seen some white people come to the Gurdwara to pay their respects. Many white people are coming to the golden temple in Amritsar.

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I have a feeling that although right now the things seem not so bright for sikhs in the context of geopolitics, something might happen to alter this.

I remember reading there's a prophecy of how china and russia will attack over india.

Something along the lines of "Cheen roos hind pe chad aawe" .

And after that khalsa raaj would happen.

Does anyone remember that prophecy ?

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In my opinion, it's essential to keep eyes on two fronts: firstly, the domestic political and social front in western countries. What legislation are our governments passing, and are these laws a response to anything in particular (such as terrorism or a particularly vicious one-off crime that captured the headlines) that has warranted such action? What's the social situation amongst the populace? I find governments and elected officials are increasingly out of step with the realities of people's lives, and if things are being pushed by the media and the establishment in general, that bear little relation to the way most people conduct their lives, then you can bet something's afoot. Also, what's the situation in regards to the entertainment industry? In my opinion, TV, film, and even the news are used as methods of conditioning and introducing certain concepts into people's consciousness so that when that final big push arrives, it's not a shock to the system because you've been exposed to the ideas in a drip-feed fashion for many years prior. Obtain your information from a wide variety of sources, including sources to which you're naturally opposed to. You don't want to consume only that which is agreeable to you. That's dangerous. If you refuse to countenance how the other side thinks, you're limiting yourself in a considerable manner.

The second front is the Middle East. Unfortunately, our fate as a collective species is tied up with the countries, events and personalities in that part of the world. In recent times, situations that have transpired over there have had almost an immediate ripple effect that reaches us over here. This phenomena will only increase as the years go by, and the desire to homogenise humanity effectively removing all differences of race, religion, culture, etc., swings into top gear. Expect the relatively smaller groups - such as Sikhs - to be the first to be expected to fall into line. We will be the test groups. Why do you think there's a few individuals on this site who are so eager to espouse ideals that, on the surface, seem tolerant and all-encompassing but if examined closely they are designed to chip away at our identity and our uniqueness. Yet, these same people are conspicuously silent when it comes to extending the same advice to certain other cultures and religions that actively need to embrace uniformity so that humanity has a chance of surviving. These are the snakes in the long grass, and we must be vigilant at all times.

Specifically, if Syria falls and Bassad is ousted, expect Iran to be next in line. And when that happens it will be the beginning of the end. No matter what scenario they will contrive to present as a compelling argument to hit Iran, it will be utter bakwaas. Don't fall for it, no matter how overwhelming the emotional blackmail. Also, don't get drawn into the pantomime of party politics anywhere in the developed world. It's a criminal distraction designed to keep moderately intelligent people busy in the mistaken belief that they have a semblance of control in regards to the fate of their lives through the active expression of political allegiance. 

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10 minutes ago, silverSingh said:

It is all on the internet, read to find out like most others on this site. Oh, you are repeating yourself needlessly and it hurts my ears. 

When I first looked at your post, I thought to myself....here is someone very unique with original questions until I reached further down and thought ....no, not really!! So, my friend, sorry to disappoint you but you will have to glue yourself to your lap top until dawn and press for Google search engine to find your answers and don't forget to hurry back and tell us your answers or what you have managed to find successfully.  I look forward to hearing from you. Bye for now:p


Really, your ears are hurting?

The remainder of your post is quite condescending, I hope you realise :p

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23 minutes ago, Premi5 said:


Really, your ears are hurting?

The remainder of your post is quite condescending, I hope you realise :p

he's a troll . You should have seen his other posts threatening to send his nudes to me ! 

and boasting how he will soon turn into a young man with many women drooling over him. 

Much pakhand . Such wow ! :p

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Just now, silverSingh said:

They say, it takes a troll to recognize a troll hehehe. You should have stopped asking for proof as to my sex. There is no way I will risk sending you any image of my m***oo* knowing you are a... you know what?  Although only one of nature's many anomalies, still a very risky business.:nosee:Why does my metamorphosis make you so jealous?  You are one heck of a insecure ....you know what? Well, I am a straight guy and can't wait to metamorphose into a young handsome prince, get married and produce as many children as possible with my beautiful future sikh wife (my Princess). I can't wait to make her the happiest wife on earth. If this makes you envious, it is because of your insecurtiy and lack of self confidence.

I am not envious of you brother. Grow up though ! 

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Anyone with any thoughts on what this means ?


Aukus: China denounces US-UK-Australia pact as irresponsible

1 hour ago
media captionWatch: Australia’s ‘risky bet’ to side with US over China

China has criticised a historic security pact between the US, UK and Australia, describing it as "extremely irresponsible" and "narrow minded".

The deal will see the US and UK give Australia the technology to build nuclear-powered submarines for the first time.

It is being widely viewed as an effort to counter China's influence in the contested South China Sea.

The region has been a flashpoint for years and tensions there remain high.

Chinese Foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said the alliance risked "severely damaging regional peace... and intensifying the arms race".

He criticised what he called "the obsolete cold war... mentality" and warned the three countries were "hurting their own interests".

Chinese state media carried similar editorials denouncing the pact, and one in the Global Times newspaper said Australia had now "turned itself into an adversary of China".

The US is sharing its submarine technology for the first time in 50 years, having previously only shared it with the UK.

It means Australia will now be able to build nuclear-powered submarines that are faster and harder to detect than conventionally powered fleets. They can stay submerged for months and shoot missiles longer distances - although Australia says it has no intention of putting nuclear weapons on them.

The new partnership, under the name Aukus, was announced in a joint virtual press conference between US President Joe Biden, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Australian counterpart Scott Morrison on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning.

And while China was not mentioned directly, the three leaders referred repeatedly to regional security concerns which they said had "grown significantly".

"This is an historic opportunity for the three nations, with like-minded allies and partners, to protect shared values and promote security and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region," a joint statement read.

Who has nuclear-powered subs?
1px transparent line

The Aukus alliance is probably the most significant security arrangement between the three nations since World War Two, analysts say.

It means Australia will become just the seventh nation in the world to operate nuclear-powered submarines.

While they are the big-ticket item in the deal, cyber capabilities and other undersea technologies will also be shared.

"This really shows that all three nations are drawing a line in the sand to start and counter [China's] aggressive moves," said Guy Boekenstein from the Asia Society Australia.

Boris Johnson later said the pact would "preserve security and stability around the world" and generate "hundreds of high-skilled jobs".

UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace told the BBC that China was "embarking on one of the biggest military spends in history... Our partners in those regions want to be able to stand their own ground."

media captionWhy is everyone fighting over the South China Sea?

In recent years, Beijing has been accused of raising tensions in disputed territories such as the South China Sea.

It has been increasingly assertive over what it says are centuries-old rights to the contested region, and has been rapidly building up its military presence to back up those claims.

The US has bolstered its military presence too, and has been investing heavily in other partnerships in the region such as with Japan and South Korea.

Having the submarines stationed in Australia is critical to US influence in the region, analysts say.

Tensions between China and Australia

China is Australia's biggest trading partner, and in the past, the two have maintained good relations.

But in recent years, political tensions have created a deep rift, stoked by Australia criticising China's treatment of ethnic Uighurs, banning some technology from telecom giant Huawei and supporting an investigation into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic.

Western nations have also been wary of China's booming infrastructure investment on Pacific islands, and have criticised its heavy trade sanctions against countries like Australia - last year it slapped Australian wine with taxes of up to 200%.

'A stab in the back'

But France has also reacted angrily to the new pact, because it means Australia will now abandon a $50bn (€31bn; £27bn) deal with it to build 12 submarines.

"It's really a stab in the back," France's Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told France Info radio. "We had established a relationship of trust with Australia, this trust has been betrayed."

The European Union's foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell said he understood why France was disappointed by the deal, adding that the EU was not consulted about the new alliance.

"This forces us once again... to reflect on the need to make the issue of European strategic autonomy a priority. This shows that we must survive on our own," he said on Thursday.

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