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yes I would do sanskar of them along with kes...simple enough, keeping suitcases full seems a bit much



33 minutes ago, kuldipk123 said:

I view these lovely sikhs with great respect. They are totally dignified and much admired in the Punjab in India. Have you never heard Chardi Kala Jatha perfom their kirtan of Dasam Pathshah's Banies?  They do it with great love towards the Guru Sahiban. Their sincerity and humility is awsome. They are the true followers of sikhi if you ask me. They wear their banas with great pride, always clean and well ironed and the women look splendid with their long flowing cotton skirts. It is not what you wear or say, it is how you wear or say something. They have it and others don't. They are truly blessed children of Vaheguru. Lovely smart sikhs.












Chardikala jatha member a coward for intimidating a Sikh.  

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Just now, kuldipk123 said:


Yup the one on the far right in this video who is on the vajaa is the coward for intimidating a Sikh.  This yoga extremist has not met a real Sikh to show him how we Sikhs treat those who try to intimidate others.  If he thinks he can bend and twist is leg up to his but now, he's in for a big surprise.

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9 minutes ago, kuldipk123 said:

Simply awesome................JAGARDHANG NANGARDHANG....................Bless these bhai sahib jis, they are FFantastic! The tone of their voices exudes enormous love for the Guru, nothing else.Every single word is uttered with utmost love and sincerity.

Even the Dallas cowboys cheerleaders don't cheer this hard for their team.  You must be ironing out your skirt and doing up your hair for coward jatha everyday.  

Damn cheerleaders need to get a life.

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2 hours ago, muscleman said:

I don't suppose they ever fight  inside the gurdwaras  before Guru Maharaj Ji? No, they are too civil to ever misbehave in this way. I am sure other sikhs can learn a lot from them as far as their civil behaviour/mannerisms  are concerned.

One kid died in their academy in India and the parents were lied too.  The parents didn't even know what happened to their kid.  They could not perform an autopsy because organs were missing.  

Sexual abuse cases have been laid against them.  Yogi bhajans secretary accused him of sexual assault.

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