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Bhai Mohan Singh attends event hosted by Hindu Forum of Britain

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"Home secretary Amber Rudd spoke at an event in Parliament that was attended by an anti-Muslim Hindu extremist who advocates forced birth control and conversion for Muslims, and who has boasted of his relationship with the English far-right leader Tommy Robinson.

Rudd addressed guests celebrating the start of Diwali at an event on 18 October organised by the Hindu Forum of Britain. It was also attended by Tapan Ghosh, the founder of Hindu Samhati, a far-right nationalist group in West Bengal, who claimed in a tweet to have addressed the event."

Satish Sharma, the general secretary of the National Council of Hindu Temples, claimed the organisation was "unaware" of Ghosh's extremist beliefs. "If there is truth in them, we reject them without reservation," he said.

Nevertheless, Sharma defended the decision to invite Ghosh. "The subject of the event was Tolerating the Intolerant - the abuse of Hindu Human Rights in Europe and in India. A core subject was the sustained targeting and abuse of Hindu and Sikh girls, their selection on the basis of their religion and their subsequent physical and emotional abuse for the purposes of forced conversion to Islam."



What are your thoughts?

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Amber Rudd herself is a moron. Honestly all the head honchos in May's cabinet are morons.  I'm not saying this because I disagree with them politically (I do btw) but due to statements made by Rudd where she wants to clamp down on stuff like VPNs because they're a breeding place for terrorism. 

I'm genuinely not surprised she did this,  even during election night there was clearly some skulduggery afoot in her own constituency. She's just as dishonest and disgusting as her lovely conservative friends.

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20 minutes ago, Kira said:

Amber Rudd herself is a <banned word filter activated>. Honestly all the head honchos in May's cabinet are morons.

Aren't all Tories? Lol


even during election night there was clearly some skulduggery afoot in her own constituency

This sounds like a sentence overheard at an English public school during a pipe smoking session. I'm now suspicious of your previous comments!


Jokes aside, what do you actually think of Bhai Mohan Singh attending this? I know he has worked with the Hindu Community before and some Hindus occasionally attend his talks, but being seen with someone slightly controversial? Lesser of two evils maybe? Will it earn him any favours with our own qaum?

Personally, I can't say I disagree with some of the sentiments expressed by Mr Tapan Ghosh.

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Bhai Mohan SIngh was solely focussed on speaking about getting law enforcement help with the true figures of abuse victims as we know , no one has been keeping count of anti-sikh crimes so this is the main push by Gill, Dhesi and SIngh to get the counter set right and get crimes registered. If hindus were there it was the usual BS competitive envious behaviour and zero solutions/efforts thing

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