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Rules for Kathawachiks and preachers...

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On 5/11/2018 at 6:38 AM, BhForce said:

Thanks for making so much stuff available. 

But one benti: Scribd is positively Evil?

They were quasi-free in the beginning to get people used to uploading and downloading stuff. But now they make you pay to download stuff. The alternative is to upload PDFs, but how many people have spare PDFs lying around to upload in return for every file they want to download?

I have seen many times where I've attempted to upload a bona fide PDF, and Scribd says the PDF is a duplicate of one already on the site. So what are you supposed to upload? Your own personal budget?

If you were asking for money in return for your time and expense in collecting and uploading material, I would not object. But the money goes to Scribd. Why should every Sikh out there give money to Scribd to download Gurmat gian?

If I could ask a favor of you, why not

1) upload your stuff on Sikhsangat? If not all your stuff, how about just the PDF of the Vakta Sarota for now, since it is pertinent to the topic being discussed?

2) Upload your materials to Gurmatveechar.com or another similar site.

3) Get a free blog at wordpress.com, and upload your files there. (Note: Blogspot.com blogs are free, too, but you can't upload PDFs there.)

Thanks, brother.

This is what I use to download Scribd pdfs - https://scribddown.com/

Also, I think archive.org is a free alternative that allows the uploading of pdfs

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