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Are young Sikh men now also vulnerable to backward abrahamic conversion propaganda?

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4 minutes ago, Big_Tera said:

We need to start training people to do parchaar and fund them. Basics of sikhi are doing courses to teach people how to do parchaar. So maybe we will have a new generation of fully trained parchaarics comming through the ranks.  Its hopeful thinking but If they can do that it can only be good thing to steer the youth in the right direction. 

As for people leaving Sikhi. Unfortunatley weak and vulnerable people will always be targeted for conversion . Especially when you have people who are in muslim friends circles. I dont have a single muslim friend and never have. 

Hopefully you're right cos there is a huge need for the ordinary laymen Sikh to start talking about their faith especially on social media and call others into our religion especially females. The more they do the more they will learn themselves and start getting more confident in promoting it to others.

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21 hours ago, genie said:

Basics of Sikhi was doing a great job until bhai jagraj Singh sadly passed away now there's no one left doing street parchar

They still do street prachar but don't film it. They do it in Kingston and other places and people have groups and every week they come to do some prachar. And Basics organises prachar events as well

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