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A few questions to aapne parents

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Rich parents. Do you take your young kids out for weekends away, fairs n cruise ships? Do you show them the world whilst learning about them/ their progress? If not, what are you doing?

Middle Class parents - ever take your kids to local parks, picnics, museums whilst teaching them about the world n encouraging them in their choices? If not, what are you doing?

Poor parents - ever take your kids library, parks and town whilst showing, teaching, encouraging and learning about them? If not... WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?

I'll tell you what yer doing... Wasting time, not expressing an interest in their life, relying on "Somebody else's job. I just expect them to be well behaved..." One day the same kids will turn around n see how much support n encouragement YOU gave them. Where were you in their life as kids?? They will wonder.

From experience let me yell you, simply by showing them money ain't good enough. They need support n guidance from YOU! Not teachers. Not peers. YOU!

Go out on a journey one time. Take your kids to any trip at all. You'd be surprised how little aapne you get to see over non aapne, in Western countries, when it comes to such trip/ activity. Heck! It surprising to see just aapne on day trips! Why is it surprising? Shouldn't be, but we made it as we do not take out the kids, apart from Gurudwara n town. Then we expect them to "know everything" without saying anything to them?

Parents! You want your kids to succeed? You want them to make right choices? You want them to look up to you once they're 18+? THEY WILL. You pay attention today they'll pay attention to you tomorrow.

With guidance, support and encouragement they will go far, all the while being emotionally happy n healthy.

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On 12/15/2018 at 1:29 PM, Singh1989 said:


Parents! You want your kids to succeed? You want them to make right choices? You want them to look up to you once they're 18+? THEY WILL. You pay attention today they'll pay attention to you tomorrow.

I agree with this.

True that such trips and excursions are merely worldly, but let's face it, the parents who aren't doing things with their kids aren't doing paath 24x7. They're just sitting on the sofa boozing.

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