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History of indigenous education in the Panjab By Gottlieb Wilhelm Leitner (first published in 1883)

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19 hours ago, Not2Cool2Argue said:

Have you heard of the organization atam pargas? They are trying to bring back the preclinical method of education back based on Leitnwrs work. 

Also I would say Leitner is right. My Nani can read panjabi because she learned at the local gurdwara. They would use sticks to right oora aira in the dirt when learning. So even women were allowed to learn before 1947. And another Bibi learned at a church. But she quit to make money from her embroidery on the Pakistan side of panjab. So I would say even the most rural and poor people were literate. 

Both my grandmothers were illiterate. And one of my grandfathers (baba ji). Nana ji was literate in Gurmukhi, and when I asked him where he learned it, he said from a pandit. So yeah, 'religious' institutes were the common way to become literate for aahhm people in the past.  I think they used to use slate and chalk a lot in the past too.

A lot women from back home were highly skilled. My mom was married young but had a lot of skills. She was better educated than most (basic Gurmukhi, English, Hindi), she could sew very well and worked in various factories and at home. She could make Panjabi suits too. She and massi used to do embroidery (phulkari) but it never took off in any big way.

Although I think we should retain what's best from our own educational system, I believe we need to seriously emphasise science and tech too. We need to be able to make and repair things, or else we'll just remain some quaint, out of touch backwater rural community, whilst others are able to make spaceships, drone and satellites etc.    

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