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Should global extend this idea?

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15 minutes ago, jkvlondon said:

In the current climate which is not supportive of sikh values , should we extend this model to keep our earnings to help our own?


Sounds good to me why give money to the current high street banks.

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naive/gullible sikhs who r always so eager to help n pls all but their own r lyk buckets wiv holes - outsiders knw wat theyre gna get while nothin is left for us at the end...

n thts y the 'easy', 'soft', 'wimpy', 'pushover' sikhs who still yet cnt tell the difference between wen to help in an emergency/life n death situation... n wen to stop splurgin costly resources paid by sangat for the sake of it on undeserving, ungrateful n insidious folk cuz 'its wat sikhi tell us' blah blah blah... will keep bein used n abused wen it suits before bein discarded to the bottom of the pile...

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