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Sidh gost

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Just now, Redoptics said:

There was a saki of someone getting water I can't remember though

Yh they told Bhai Mardhana to get some water from the lake but when he went the lake was turned into gems, they were basically trying to show off lol   but they had no idea who Guru Nanak Dev Ji was.

you seen the movie Nanak Shah Fakir?  you might like it   its on youtube if your interested. 

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51 minutes ago, Redoptics said:

Ohh is that where Guru Ji moved a boulder SSI they had water and took it from the top of the hill?

No that is Panja Sahib in Pakistan. 

theres also another place in karnatka where Guru Sahib made water come 

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The Sidhs wanted to win Guru Nanak. They asked Guru Ji to fetch some water from the stream. Now, with the powers of sidhi, the sidhs made the stream look as if it was full of diamonds and gems.

Maharaj returned, and told them there was no water there. The sidhs were shocked, as to how anyone could reject these precious items.

The sidhs did everything in their power to win Maharaj over, but they could not succeed. The sidhs used their powers to fly around in the skies. Maharaj removed his kadam (shoe), which flew into the air by itself. When the kadam hit the sidhs on the head, they fell tumbling down onto the ground.

The sidhs realised that they weren’t dealing with an ordinary person...

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