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3 hours ago, genie said:

I don't think your getting the point. Yes all that went on and the Sikh raj wasnt perfect had many faults and many traitorous opportunistic people were waiting to weaken and collapse it. But for us Sikhs it was ours, we were not enslaved by invaders and outsiders we were not suffering from problems that the panth is suffering today. We were on a upwards trajectory by spreading Sikh rule on lands that hadnt seen non-muslim rule for hundreds of years. And why did it collapse? Because of the greed people who we see similarly in charge of punjab and the panth today. The so called leaders are the very ones who are living comfortably who aided the british to come in impose their rule install their anglo-saxon christo-judaic software to control our lands and people.

It is greed and money that is root of all evil, the people betrayed their own faith and people for their own self interests. Sikhi was started not just a philosophical faith to combat social ills of society but also the financial inequality and racism/castism people were suffering under the people with power. We similarly saw how emperor's of the past ruthlessly massacred people who stood in their way or opposed their injustice and today similarly the same mentality exists in people with power. if you oppose their unjust rule, even peacefully protest you get gunned down and genocided eventually.

If i was a sikh ruler and I wanted to implement a society based on Sikhi I would have to do away with all legacy british empire made laws and change the economy of the nation that actually worked for the benefit of the people. This is why so many people flocked to Sikhi under the guru's than stay trapped under the rule of hindu hill raja kingdoms or muslim invaders.

Today It's the anglo-saxon judicial legacy capitalist international banking system that is enemies of peoples of oppressed people everywhere. Those guardians of that system come in many form including our own so called Sikhs who uphold that system instead of upholding Sikh centric system.


I get you. All great points. I'm just adding a note of caution that we should be as harsh and honest about our failings and our "own" -- and be determined to root it out early in order to anticipate and prevent any greater future calamity -- in addition to being eager to identify outside forces who bear us ill intentions.

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