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Meaning of names

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Thought this might be a bit of fun and learning at the same time, meaning of names. I'll start it with.

Meaning of Sukh : Peace; Happiness

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    • India is a straight up human rights nightmare with rape, murder and drug problems...and like no black people to blame for it. So are Indians just violent savages like the pommies say or is there something effecting the natural order of things?
    • Bro.. I've been to Camden... I've been to Compton... I've been to Philly...Ny...Miami...Hollywood...I have family across the US. I've been to Portland, I've been to Seattle, I've walked the tenderloin alone at all hours of the night. I've been through the entire South, and what you're saying is ignorant and racist in all those places. The only people the military warned me about staying away from are all the kkkrackers in the south and that's saying something considering how not far off the military culture is.  Black and brown get down bro. I'm not sure what part of my socieities violence you think I'm ignorant of. I study it. I participate in it.  Fact is the word thug comes into english from India...wait Hindustan..oh that means land of thieves...hmm... what's were you called before being imperialized by white supremacy?  Before being forced to speak english?  Before being so stupid you talk about black on black crime but not white crime on all of us? If you go the rez... it's all red on red crime bro. Doesn't mean the real criminal isn't the white imperial racists that guns germed and steeled them onto it. Doesn't mean the rez isn't fully controlled by racist imperial policies and peace treaties that get broken to this day. They cut the limbs off poeple for a shorter gas pipeline just a few years back.  Is not Punjab..inhabited by Punjabis...have Punjabi police and politicians? And yet there is all this brown on brown crime still. You know how many Sikhs have been shot and stabbed in Punjab? And yet this problem still persists... From my personal experience all over this country black, brown and asian get on just fine. Thry just can't stand racists or weak cowards which is why a few of you might run into trouble.  The all lives matter movement is the shut up n***** you life don't matter movent. Only an ostrich could regurgitate such poorly cooked media fed race politics out of their only exposed end. 
    • I meant Punjab has a very rich culture.
    • I know many Sikhs on the east coast, lots of friends and families.  The number of Sikhs and brown people that have been robbed, murdered, stabbed, shot at by blacks is a lot higher than the likes of GurjantGnostic  (I suspect is a white middle class surburban liberal who lives somewhere around the west coast ) would realise. There are cities in the US, where blacks make up the majority population,  the local politicians are black, the mayor is black, the Chief of Police is black, the police department  has substantial number of black police officers. Yet all these problems persist.  A lot of non American people seem to think that the US is like the UK or Canada but the US is more like a continent, there are differences and nuances. A lot of non US Sikhs have a black fetish with all the gangster rap and like to appropriate it though never having been to a black neighbourhood. People think it's South Central LA with NWA. What people don't realise is that LA does not have has many blacks  (west coast in general does not as compared with other parts of the US) and it is full of brown skinned Hispanics and yellow skinned Asians.  Those brown skinned Hispanics can't stand black people. A lot of those Korean business owners cannot stand them either. 
    • Which state are you from?
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