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20 hours ago, Suchi said:

I've seen a copy of a census that showed that GGS ji had declared himself as a Hindu Khatri and therefore had not created a separate religion.  


But after becoming an ascetic, he would be a Brahmin according to Vedic teachings.


My sources are Ajit Vadakayil who has written a detailed account of the background to the story.


After further reading: This is from a website by the Nirankaris who claim that GGS ji escaped and continued to live for a very long time.  They also state that it was the British who instituted the Guru Granth Sahib ji as they wanted to end any possible challenge to their rule by the growth of the movement.



You're trusting this sailor dweeb as your source on Sikh history and tradition? There are a couple of old posts on this forum talking about this clown. Pick an actual Sikh scholar who literally dedicates their entire life to understanding Sikh history. Your sources are weak my friend. Respectfully.  

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45 minutes ago, Suchi said:

I have read that both the SGGS ji, Dasam Granth have been tampered with by the British.  It has already come to light that they tampered extensively with the caste system to make it rigid and to control the population.

So I doubt that every single sentence within any text can be completely relied on.  What is of paramount importance is that the truth comes out and we act accordingly and not be attached to any particular claim.

Dude you are doing ninda of both Sri Guru Granth Sahib and Sri Dasam Granth. Watch your karams and watch yourself.


How do you know that your sources aren't tampered or made with a bias?

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9 minutes ago, Suchi said:

Guru Tegh Bahadur visited the holy Triveni at Prayaga in 1662 CE. This visit is documented in contemporary Bhat Vahi records. Unlike those unpublished "bhat vahis", this one was published by Sikh historian Madanjit Kaur (1978)










Tell me what does Hindu mean and how the definition is changed over time first and then I'll address this

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14 minutes ago, Suchi said:

It makes no difference as even the last Guru considered it appropriate to go to the Ganga along with his two wives, child and grandchild and had a priest.  Presumably he could have taken a dip in the Harminder Sahib, yet went to the Ganga.

Also how do you know if he never went to Harmandir Sahib

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