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Twitter removes tweets criticising Indian Government

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Twitter has removed tweets criticising the Indian government. 

India looks like hell atm, they've turned parks into cremation grounds, dead bodies flying out of ambulances etc 






"The removal of dozens of tweets seen to be critical of the Indian government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic is putting people's health at risk and quashing dissent, lawmakers and human rights activists said on Monday.

Twitter withheld some tweets after a legal request by the Indian government, a company spokeswoman told Reuters on Saturday. These included tweets from a lawmaker, a minister in the state of West Bengal, and a filmmaker.

'Suppression of information and criticism of government is not only dangerous for India but it is putting people around the world at risk,' said Mirza Saaib Beg, a lawyer whose tweets were among those withheld.

'Freedom of inquiry is an intrinsic part of freedom of speech and expression. These restrictions are further reflective of the weakening of all institutional spaces in India,' said Beg, who is studying at Britain's University of Oxford.

India's ministry for information technology did not respond to a request for comment.

The country's new coronavirus infections hit a record peak for a fifth day on Monday, rising to about 353,000 cases.

There is mounting criticism that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government and state authorities let their guard down earlier this year, allowing big religious and political gatherings to take place when cases fell to below 10,000 a day.

'Questioning the government of India's decision to allow mass gatherings ... where people from all across the country gathered and violated COVID safety protocols ... cannot be called to be violating any laws of the country,' said Pawan Khera, a spokesman for the opposition Congress party, whose tweets were also withheld.

The law cited in the government's Twitter request is the Information Technology Act, 2000, which allows authorities to order blocking of public access to information to protect 'sovereignty and integrity of India' and maintain public order.

Requests from the government are reviewed under Twitter's rules and the local law, a spokeswoman for Twitter told Reuters.

There is a 'lack of transparency' in the government's order, said the Internet Freedom Foundation, a digital rights group in Delhi.

'What is clear is there are more directions being issued across social media platforms in India,' it said in a statement.

Twitter has about 17.5 million users in India.

In its most recent transparency report for the six months to June 30, 2020, Twitter said it had received 42,220 legal demands to remove content from 53 countries, with most of the requests coming from five countries including Russia, India and Turkey.

Earlier this year, the social media giant withheld dozens of accounts on the request of the Indian government on grounds that users were posting misleading content related to farmers' protests near Delhi, aiming to incite violence.

But Twitter did not fully comply with the government order to take down more than 1,100 accounts and posts, saying it had not blocked all of the content because it believed the directives were not in line with Indian laws.

Following the face-off with Twitter earlier this year, the Indian government unveiled tougher rules to regulate big social media firms that it said were needed to hold the companies accountable for any misuse or abuse.

'We all would prefer free spaces to objectively critique power in the offline as well as online space. However, both spaces are increasingly shrinking,' Beg told the Thomson Reuters Foundation "



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36 minutes ago, intrigued said:

Thankfully lots of Sikhs and Sikh orgs are providing oxygen tanks all over India while the government is doing almost nothing

They're charging 12,000 rupees to cremate the dead at the ghats in varnasi!  typical Indian behavior, taking advantage of peoples misery to make money. 

They're selling Oxygen cylinders in the black market. 


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21 minutes ago, intrigued said:

Who the governments or the Sikh orgs?

No not Sikhs, random people, but possibly linked to local governments.

As hospitals in Delhi and many other cities run out of beds, people have been forced to find ways to get treatment for sick patients at home. Many have turned to the black market, where prices of essential medicines, oxygen cylinders and concentrators have skyrocketed and questionable drugs are now proliferating.

  Chat showing prices of Covid medicines and equipment in the black market

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3 minutes ago, puzzled said:

No not Sikhs, random people, but possibly linked to local governments.

Oh ok 😅 


It's really sad that even in times of crisis there is such disregard for human life

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Biggest hypocrites are these Indian CEOs in silicon valley. They out here full arms against trump, supporting democracy, against travel ban, for immigration feminism and India they modi supporters.

The women who got Trump removed from Twitter in Indian and in India shes pictured with Modi LOL.

The India twitter ceo, tweeted a while back she was 'impressed by Modi speech'- yrs ago and when they were censoring farmers tweets Sikh accounts, and ppl tweeted at her calling her hypocrisy and she blocked




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31 minutes ago, intrigued said:

Oh ok 😅 


It's really sad that even in times of crisis there is such disregard for human life

Well that's India for you. My mum knows someone whose relative in India died last year during the first wave in India. When they got the body back from the hospital, he had cotton wool stuffed in his eyes, when they took the cotton out his eye balls had been taken out! When they took his shirt of he had stitches on his back, so they obviously took some organs out as well. This is quite normal there.

Women go in for operations and doctors end up taking their wombs out without them knowing. 



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18 hours ago, Suchi said:

Its a manufactured crisis. Both Delhi and Maharastra govts are involved in corruption. Money provided for oxygen has been misspent. Patients not needing hospital beds have been used to block beds for the needy. 

I wouldn't say it's a manufactured crisis as such, they allowed the Khumb mela to go ahead which had an attendance of nearly 5 million people as well a political rallies, all in the middle of a worldwide pandemic knowing fair well that they don't have the infrastructure nor the means to cope with another wave of Covid especially on the healthcare front, i do however agree that they are playing political games with this and it's all the poor that have paid the price but that's been the case in pretty much every country in the past year.

For a country like India to run out of something like oxygen for hospital's is pretty much inexcusable, it's a basic need in any hospital, it just show's how deep in the sand Modi and his cronies have their heads buried yet people who have lost family members as a direct result of the governments incompetence will still vote for them out of some misguided national pride.


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On 4/27/2021 at 12:27 AM, Suchi said:

*DELETED* Spreading Rumours is not allowed here 

At least they are Accepting Oxygen Shortage Unlike UP Bihar Govermemt Who Are letting People Die And Saying Everything is alright don't Worry 

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