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Kalyug and the "Matrix"?

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Please share any thoughts, and especially any Gurbani, or Ithias, on the following statement. 


1. To the degree... an individual person has compromised, or made deals with Kalyug.. they can be, and are, "inhabited" or used for brief periods of time, to target or harass good people, Kalyug or other consciousnesses even speaking through people in a way similar to how let's say agents in the movie the matrix do it? 


2. Sikhs experience being the targets of agents more or less than others?


3. This happens more or less to the target when doing good?


4. You've seen this increase, or happen to an agent over time, where they become more subject to Kalyug?


5. You've seen this decrease in a agent, and they've gotten free of and back in control?


6. You've seen great leaders targetted and taken off the Paath or out of the game by something like this? Not who they used to be kind of thing. 

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