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Four Sikh girls kidnapped in Kashmir India in last month


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For example. You deal with the Kashmiri masses you aren't getting anywhere. 

You contact the local government stooge you aren't getting anywhere. 

You let the governor know you have full trust due to his goodness and sense of responsibility that he will resolve this within three days. And that you are holding him responsible. 

And if those girls aren't home. You hold him responsible. 

Then people of actual influence won't want their underlings messings with Sikhs. It comes home to roost. 

Far better to get off the duff and play hero governor.  

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99.9 percent of people should not fear you. The one guy in charge? Heavy lies the crown. 

You avoid mob violence better this way. 

Only way mobs target you is if they fear no consequence of you defending yourself or they're afraid they're all next. 

The masses deep down understand you not wanting your women taken. So take it up with whoever has enough power to be responsible. 

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Just now, dallysingh101 said:

That's not going to happen. As far as such people are concerned: they are at war. Doing this to the perceived enemy is a winner for them. It demoralises the community, and they feel that it makes them look strong. 

It's that old chestnut of trying to show people up as incapable of looking after their females. 

Whelp. Their grand daddy gonna take a whoopin. 

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