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Jaat village with no sikh constructing Gurdwara Sahib!

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3 hours ago, proactive said:

What can diaspora Sikhs do to get involved. We gave so much to the farmers agitation, is there a way for us to contribute?


Sadly some people involved in parchar on jaats are accusing each other of misusing funds.

Diaspora Sikhs when They come to India shud visit jaat villages and shud personally meet jaats.

May be some sikh jatts can marry their boy to a jaat girl.

We need to increase our social contact.


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2 hours ago, shastarSingh said:

Gurmit Singh gaurav

 +44 7737 766723

Hawa Singh sangwan


Son of hawa Singh sangwan


Manoj Singh Duhan


are actively involved. They say that SGPC or any other organization is not showing much support.

Its best to contact them if you wish to contribute.

Sangwan father and son are very honest. They hv very good ideas of bringing jaats into sikhi.

Diaspora Sikhs shud contact them on phone and meet them personally.

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So we're simply going to have to you know stick to our guns about the Gurmat teachings of cast. etc. Jaats are already a majority of Sikhi by numbers. 

But something their tribal community is not dumb about is politics, and power dynamics, and plays, and I really applaud them for setting up this Gurudwara in advance of their mass conversion to it. They know how to do something as a group. We as Sikhs need to be more like them politically. Where we decide in house then move as a whole group. 

Sikhi aside I like Jatts. By the world standards Jatts are fine. We just need to hold them to a Paanthic Sikhi standard, a Gurmat standard, same as everyone else, and get voting and committees out our Gurudwaras and Jathas. 

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