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The Modern Anand Karaj

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On 4/27/2022 at 8:05 PM, Not2Cool2Argue said:

Wasn't it Guru Nanak Dev ji himself who changed doing lavan around havan to around ptothi sahib? I think it's mentioned in janam sakhis  maybe? 

Also lots of our ancestors were not strictly Sikhs so we shouldn't go by what they did. They just followed the local Brahmans and what their ancestors had done. And did not want to change to the new way of sikhi. 

Any even if the modern anand karaj is not puratan, is there any reason to go back? The modern anand karaj was made during 1900s when the Sikhs were going thru a literary revolution similar to Europe's great enlightenment when lots of lost and hidden manuscripts were brought to light and the Sikhs had khalsa diwaans where Sikhs reached a consensus on maryada ardaas etc.

Why would you want to bring back practices that tie us closer to Hindus or sonatas dharam? Then what's the use of sikhi? We might as well become sanatan if we think there's nothing wrong with sanantan dharam. And all the updates and changes the Gurus and Sikhs did were not needed. 


Yes Guru Nanak Dev Ji started it around a written Mool Mantar (maybe was a Pothi)?? Very first time with 4 Laavans and in front of Sangat. 

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