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Sewa Badial killed his wife with machete in murder-suicide at Coventry home

1 day ago
Badial department store
Image caption,
The couple ran the Badial store in the Handsworth area of Birmingham

An 87-year-old man killed his wife at their home in Coventry before setting himself alight in their garden, an inquest has heard.

Sewa Singh Badial attacked his wife Sukhjit, 73, with a type of machete last June, causing extensive wounds to her head and face.

He left a note saying there had been a fight between them and he had hit her.

Coventry coroner Delroy Henry recorded that Mr Badial unlawfully killed his wife before taking his own life.

The couple ran the long-established Badial clothes store on Soho Road in Handsworth, Birmingham.

Farewell note

Mrs Badial's body was found in the living of their home on Kenilworth Road in the city on 29 June, the inquest in Coventry heard earlier this month.

She had suffered a number of chop wounds to her upper body and limbs which were described as "defensive actions to ward off a bladed implement".


A large billhook (a garden machete), was found by her body, along with a wrench, which was also used to hit her with, the inquest heard.

She died of head and facial injuries.

Mr Badial was seen on CCTV at the home to walk out of the house wearing blood stained clothes. He was found on a fire pit in the garden.

His cause of death was from the effects of fire, the coroner said.

A farewell note written by him was found on a chair in the living room stating there had been a fight between them. He admitted hitting Mrs Badial and that he would end his life for his family.

At the time of their deaths, the couple's family said they had been "overwhelmed by your messages of love and affection for our dear parents".

They said they were "keen supporters of good causes and committed members of the local Midlands community" and in India had also founded rural hospitals along with several schools and colleges for underprivileged girls.

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Very strange. At that age why would he go after his wife with such force? Unless she'd made his life unbearable behind closed doors for their entire life together, and he just snapped?

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