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Indian Labor Migrants in Lebanon: A Comparative Study of Migrants from Punjab and Tamil Nadu. Seema Gaur, Prem Saxena

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Interesting study comparing Panjabi economic migrants with Tamils in Lebanon. It's obvious that the authors have recorded all Panjabis as Hindus, but I'm sure most would be Sikh. Also, the disproportionate amount of Doabans is predictable. 





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One of the unique features of migration flows to the Middle East is that they have been dominated by unskilled labor with poor educational backgrounds. Our study confirms this pattern. As in other Middle Eastern countries, there was heavy demand in Lebanon for unskilled labor, especially in the fast-expanding service and construction sectors. In Lebanon, this demand was spurred by the need to rebuild the country following the devastating civil war (1975-90).[3] A comparison of the educational status of the migrants from the two states suggests that nearly 13% of Punjab migrants had no schooling against 9% of those from Tamil Nadu. On the other hand, 6% of migrants from Tamil Nadu were graduates compared to 3% from Punjab. In essence, the overwhelming majority of migrants were unskilled workers

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The migrants of the present sample came to Lebanon through networks operated by agents in the host country and their families in Punjab and Tamil Nadu and through relatives/friends and employers. However, the majority of migrants reached Lebanon from a few selected districts of each of the two states solely with the help of agents.

Table 5 gives the district-wise distribution of migrants from Punjab and Tamil Nadu. All of the districts where migrants were less than 3% of total migrants have been subsumed in the category “other districts.” Selectivity of districts of emigrants is quite evident from the table. In both states, the majority of emigrants were from three districts. In Punjab, out of 17 districts, nearly 64% migrants were from just three districts, namely, Jalandhar, Kapurthala, and Hoshiarpur (Jalandhar alone accounted for almost 27%). Interestingly, these three districts are contiguous (see Figure 1). Our investigations revealed that the recruitment agent himself was from Jalandhar. His wife and family members helped facilitate emigration from Jalandhar and its neighbouring districts to Lebanon.



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if someone goes to some city in Punjab they will be shocked to see immigration boards on every second shop and that majority of successful businesses are related to immigration. There is an entire chain of businesses to teach people English to get out of Punjab. I wonder if any other place on Earth has this? I mean even the news channel from Punjab on youtube constantly have immigration ads showing up on the side. Most videos from Punjab are for immigration. Any other place in this world where the entire region is only famous for immigration? Quite embarrassing tbh. And i don't know how such a group of people can constantly sing songs about how great they are ?

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6 minutes ago, proudkaur21 said:


This is how majority of punjab looks lol. Utter utter failed region.



LOL Punjabis No. 1.

Literally the entire state is one giant immigration business.

Dubai Punjabi Sticker by Pure Bhangra

Time for some unabashed, self-congratulatory bruin bhangra!!! Bwaaaaahhhhh!!!!

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