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Indian Labor Migrants in Lebanon: A Comparative Study of Migrants from Punjab and Tamil Nadu. Seema Gaur, Prem Saxena

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18 hours ago, Premi5 said:

I think the Dads might be able to do a reasonable job in protecting their daughters, but it will also require the Mums to be open about the issues that their daughters need to be wary of.

The kids (older teens +) have massive egos and a chip on their shoulder for some reason. Have you ever interacted with them? It's funny to even observe and interact with clearly delusional people whose self image is so disconnected from objective reality. They "won't be told" as the English saying goes. The fathers, to be fair, are actually decent guys from my experience, but they're used as walking wallets by the kids and the missus without any hint of shame or apology. These guys are barely into their mid 30s, and they're already broken down, bitter, and curmudgeonly. The mothers are your typical low IQ Punjabans who have their beak buried in WhatsApp 24/7. They aren't protecting nobody. CONSOOOOM!


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No one looks down on them. The fact that earlier generations give them advice is because we want them to succeed and not make the mistakes we made.  

The same group then boasts about being part of a diminishing 1.6% community and making way more contributions than their population. Literally destroying themselves to please others. Ravi singh also b

Muhammad Hamza Shahid 5 months ago Gives me goosebumps every time he speaks "Brown Munde".   Vishal Wahane 2 months ago Proud t

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