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help with pronounciation please!

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If possible I would suggest ALL sangtaa(n) to take up Gurbaanee Santhiyaa. This way you can learn the proper pronunciation and the Arth (meanings) behind the Gurbaanee.

I know in UK and Canada there are alot of Gursikhs that have taken Gurbaanee Santhiyaa and are very able and willing to teach.

Just a suggestion...


ps. in regards to Sukhnidhaan's question, one example is the last Paurree of Anand Saahib, it should be pronounced:

Andu suxhu vfBwgIho sgl mnorQ pUry ]

ANADU Sunnahu Vaddbhaageeho Sagal Manorathh Poorae ||


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I agree, santhiya is very important.

Also, anad should always be pronounced anand as there is no word in existence as "anad"

same as shabad, there is no such word as sabad, so we pronounce it correctly as shabad.

Bhai kulbir singh jee wrote a huge post on pronunciations of anad awhile back on tapoban.org. Very informative.

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I may just be ignorant, but i believe that if Guru Ji wanted the word to be shabad then they would have written it as Sbd not

sbd, because Guru Ji was highly advanced in language and hence would have devised such a symbol.

S was around in Guru Gobind Singh Ji's time so why did they not change all the sabads to shabads in the Sri Damdama Sahib Bir??


I'm still learning so please share your knowledge??

Bhul Chuk Maaf


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Unfortuantly MKhalsa Saahib Jee, you are mistaken....before the British Raaj there were no Pair Bindee's (Foot Dots. i.e dots at the bottom of the letter) The British introduced the Pair Bindee's to make the language easier for them. By introducing the foot dots they could have words such as Zebra zYbrw

Like Khalsa Fauji Bhaa Jee Stated if we truly believe that Maahaaraaj is the King of Kings, Antarjaamee, the True Knower of God, then why the hell do we question His Authority and knowledge?? Why do we believe that we know more than our True Guroo...wake up Sangato...

Think about it...

Many apologies if I have offended, please do Ardaas for this Maahaa-Moorakh!


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This is what a Singh told me :

bhai gurdass bani have bindian in them, they are considered the key to the guru granth sahib, this is because thru bhai gurdass bani we understand the grammar and meaning of words in bani - the same word with a paer vich bindi in bhai gurdass bani is without in sri guru granth sahib...dasam granth has bindian in them, you dont say deh siva bar mohe u say DEH SHIVA BAR MOHE...there is alot of persian in dasam granth, if u take away the bindian u mess up the meanings of words which have alot of Zs and Ss in them...guru ji took bindian out of guru granth sahib so that people have to understand bani to speak it not mechanically read...sant gurbachan singh agrees with that story...and there are plenty of examples u have to add things, not neccesarily bindian, which other schools of pronounciation, eg taksal do believe in...
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Mehtab Singh Ji,

Bhai Gurdas Ji's works were edited by Bhai Vir Singh (or scholars at later period), also Dasam Granth from 1895. So, it can be that modern scholars edited them so that these works are made according to the (modern) grammar.

I am not sure, but what i am trying to say is: i have read in a book at pairi bindian didn't exist before 1850s. there were only 35 akhars in Gurmukhi, not the extra ones.

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    • That's saying a lot about your perceptual abilities........ Delve deeper, it's covered a lot more serious topics than this place ever has. This is the tabloid place. People have actually translated texts over there, and discussed topics that would have admin here running around like panicked kookars.      This place is best for communicating with the average uninformed Panjabi - some people have actually made efforts to study and understand things over there.
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