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    Here is the Sunder Gutka with Bisrams by Damdami Taksal Sunder Gutka
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    The Jaikaarey should always wait until the end, they always interrup the flow of speeches :-)
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    Here's what gonna happen and may not happen: 1. Badal or other sarkari naukar will release all singhs on parole. 2. When bhai sahib end his fast, sgpc will lift everything from amb sahib immediately and will put task force. They will issue notice to all that no more hunger strike area to be given to anyone. 3. Akal takht will issue sandesh or press note with saying the hunger strike is not gurmat. Order given by big badal. 4. Bhai gurbax Singh will be taken back to jail (since he is on parole as reported by Indian media). He will not come out at all because of evil sarkar. 5. All six singhs will return back to jails after their end of parole. Nobody gets pardon or justice. 6. Kaka badal will replace Makkar from sgpc post and put another slave like sewa Singh sekhwan for this post. 7. Leaders will start fighting with each other. Sangat will be again leaderless. ---- Bhai sahib jee is also surrounded by some shararti ppl- so called sikh opportunists who are hijacking or will hijack whole stage sooner or later.
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    Religion Is Good For All Of Us, Even Those Who Don't Follow One In honor of Christmas and the holiday season, I thought I might write a little lighter column, with a religious focus to fit the festive mood. So, with that in mind, in a country divided over which macroeconomic policies work and who creates jobs, here are some facts about religion that we can all agree on. In an amazing number of ways, religious attendance is good for the economy. Interestingly, there is a large body of research on the health, economic, educational, and other benefits (or lack thereof) of religion. Most researchers have found that the myriad non-spiritual benefits of religion are related to regular religious attendance. It is less the strength of your faith than the dependability of your arrival at religious services and other events that matters. This suggests that the mechanism for these benefits may be as much or more the social network that a religious community provides than the actual practice of the religion in a theological sense. Or it may be that those with the most faith also attend services regularly. Also, all the results presented here are benefits found to derive from religious attendance or involvement in any religion, so there is nothing here to suggest that ones particular beliefs are the key to the results. It is having the beliefs, practicing them, and regularly joining with other like-minded adherents that produce the benefits reported here. With that said, what are the benefits? First, studies have shown that religious attendance once or more per week leads to an extra seven years of life expectancy. Other studies have shown other health benefits such as a stronger immune system and lower blood pressure. Further, religious involvement has been linked to less depression and less alcohol and drug use. Religious participation by kids has been shown to result in less juvenile delinquency, less drug use including less smoking, better school attendance, and a higher probability of graduating from high school. Graduating from high school has a large positive economic impact, so that is a big benefit to the economy. Less juvenile delinquency also provides big savings through the avoided costs of incarceration and rehabilitation. Similarly, adults who regularly attend religious services also commit fewer crimes. Again, this comes with huge savings as both crime and prisons are very expensive. They also end up on welfare and unemployed less often. More cost savings for those entitlement programs. People who are regular religious attendees give more money to charity than other people, which does much good in their communities. How much does all this add up to, in terms of economic gains? According to Rodney Stark, a professor of sociology, the American economy benefits to the tune of $2.6 trillion per year thanks to being a quite religious country. That is about one-sixth of our total economic output. These gains, found in his recent book, Americas Blessings, derive from the extra human capital, lower unemployment among the religious, fewer crimes being committed, and other benefits listed above. Some of the benefits are direct gains that show up in economic statistics. Others are monies saved (for example, by not imprisoning as many people), so they do not actually contribute to GDP or other visible statistics, but they save society money. Religious people are keeping our tax rates and insurance premiums lower than they would be otherwise. On top of all these economic benefits, one that cannot really be quantified is that people who are religiously involved are also happier. I cannot put a dollar figure on that one, but it is certainly worth something. I do not know if this column is going to any of my readers to become regular attendees at a religious institution of their choice. Even if nobody starts going to religious services because of this column, perhaps, as we are counting our blessings in this holiday season, we can be thankful for all the economic benefits religion is bringing us on top of the spiritual rewards that are its main purpose. If anyone does decide that religion sounds like a pretty good deal and makes regular religious attendance part of his or her New Years resolution, that would be a wonderful blessing. Jeffrey Dorfman http://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffreydorfman/2013/12/22/religion-is-good-for-all-of-us-even-those-who-dont-follow-one/
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    Ghetto Sikh, It is promising that you are being aware. Think of it like this,this has gone on for decades and has been like an underground music scene, once it becomes mainstream (ie happening to the white community) then it suddenly get noticed. The term "grooming" has only come into play in the last couple of years, they has happened for a lot longer. Just like the term "twerking" has become very famous since Miley Cyrus incident, did not know the word for something African American Women have done for decades, but when a white person does it suddenly it becomes a so called "new craze". Unfortunately if it does not happen to White Middle Class then the media don't pay attention. The thing about the Sikh community is that these things flare up, something is done (i.e smash a few heads), things quiten down and then we put our heads in the sand again. The Pak Muslims will go into "hudabaiya", wait for the next generation to come up and start all over again and they tend to get propped by the older males (cousin/uncle) who did the same things a few years earlier. This cycle needs to be broken.
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    Waheguru Here is something the Sangat will be very interested in Golden Puratan Saroop of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji said to be of Baba Deep Singh Ji The file is 566 Mb SGGS Golden Puratan Saroop This same website also has First Published Gurbani meanings by Damdami Taksaal 1980s (Jap Ji, Kirtan Sohila) SGGS Sainchees (2 Parts) from 1950s used by Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji SGGS Sainchees (2 Parts) from 2008 printed by Damdami Taksaal
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    To be clear on shararti ppl, I meant ex-ragi Darshan lal, fake scholar dhunda, kala afghani gurtej ias, billi jatha uk. However, I am ignoring them and still 100% supports the voice of bhai gurbax Singh because he is genuine soul.
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    dunno but hes been cosher with me for like 5 years. I aint bothered if someone was a hindu before.. or Christian before and turned into a Hindu. Its what the person is now, and how their conduct is with me. If their cool im cool. If its a pee take, dont waste time.. No point being bhenji paaji in a world full a stereotypes. Dhulla bhatti was a rajput Muslim and did some noble deeds for hindu women. He fought the moghul empire too hanaa
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    I would say so. The fort like structure in the exposed brick in the foreground defo looks original. As for the white Gurdwara like structure behind it, looks like a later addition
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    We cann't fix parameters of God. He neither has any limitations. Let us not talk about our Guru Sahibans as they were supreme entity.Even ordinary mortals on realizing God become just like him. Read below from SGGS ji ਨਿਹਚਲੁ ਏਕੁ ਆਪਿ ਅਬਿਨਾਸੀ ਸੋ ਨਿਹਚਲੁ ਜੋ ਤਿਸਹਿ ਧਿਆਇਦਾ ॥੭॥ The One Imperishable Lord Himself is unmoving and unchanging. Meditating on Him, one becomes unchanging. ||7|| ਹਰਿ ਕਾ ਸੇਵਕੁ ਸੋ ਹਰਿ ਜੇਹਾ The Lord's servant becomes like the Lord. ਭੇਦੁ ਨ ਜਾਣਹੁ ਮਾਣਸ ਦੇਹਾ Do not think that, because of his human body, he is different. SGGS ji
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    they can wrap in their kamarksa till they are tying turban and after that they can put it in dastar
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    Just need the BBC to report on this now.Are the Sikh Council or any others working on this?
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    Garb means hankaar/false pride, the lines are referring to a hankaari or igoistic person.
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    I never said bagri was guilty of crime during the trial However, i always have maintained bagri was hate monger and, if he still maintains that he wants to kill 50,000 innocent hindus like in this outrageous video while he is making this hate speech. i then leave it to hands of sane sikhs. I agree i shouldn't have use criminal word which i apologize as there is due process but he has by fraud came to this country and broken immigration process, At very least we shouldn't support this shady individual who does not have good morals. We don't even know this guy you are telling us to support this guy? why the hell we should support this guy? so we should not support this guy...we are quite innocent and guillible quam... at this crucial height and time of the panth, where bhai gurbakash singh bringing everyone together peacefully via hunger strike, suddenly this type of individual drops down from sky (GOI) inadvertently/advertently tries to sabotage sikh interest. Someone who tries inadvertently/advertently sabotage sikh peaceful interest- bhai gurbakash singh khalsa hunger strike, we should stay away and if they are caught with alleged crimes..we should bring condemnation statements so no aribitary no non name persons with sikh sounding names doesnt have a capacity/capablity to take our sikh community for a ride...seriously are we that stupid? This is clear attempt by GOI..they do what they -they hired bunch of incompetent/street level fascist mobs with sikh sounding names to sabotage its sikh interest- bhai gurbakash singh hunger strike.
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    There should not be any doubts- Satguru granth sahib ji is same jot and naam roop in sargun, shabad and nirgun form. Satguru connects with sikh consciousness at every step of the way in stages for betterment of sikh spiritual development. Satguru himself draws his sikh(bhagat) to his sargun form to help him to do bhagti-naam-bhagti nine folds- then Satguru granth sahib itself further draw his sikh(bhagat) to go inside himself and explore naam within via shabad surta then finally same Satguru draw his sikh towards estoric gyan layer of naam and eventually/ultimately reveal jot saroop of himself (merge sikh in him) in form of self realization The reason we don't see this because we are not receptive or see things in stages, one has to let go all pre-conditioning, semantics, techanalities..Does love have any conditions? Love has no conditions whatsoever.
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    In essence, no one is higher or lower. I hope gurbani mahavak pauri would be enough to calm everyone including quickly putting people on pedestal, more quickly knocking them down also bringing down self righteous cactus jacks from high horse to sand dunes dust. 33rd Pauree of Japji. AAKHAN JOR CHUPAI NEH JOR JOR NA MANGAN DEN NA JOR JOR NA JEEVAN MARAN NEH JOR JOR NA RAAJ MAAL MAN SOR JOR NA SURATEE GIAAN VEECHAAR JOR NA JUGATEE CHHUTAI SANSAAR JIS HATH JOR KAR VEKHAI SOE NAANAK UTAM NEECH NA KOE ( Eliminates ego, removes negativity, & neutralizes destructiveness. ) No power to speak, no power to keep silent. No power to beg, no power to give. No power to live, no power to die. No power to rule, with wealth and occult mental powers. No power to gain intuitive understanding, spiritual wisdom and meditation. No power to find the way to escape from the world. He alone has the power in his hands. He watches over all. O Nanak, no one is high or low.
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    lol.....the biggest trolling ever ........"tere te tere yaar de sir juttiyaannnnn" ae a meri advice...................pls ignore this useless thread......
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    Love Jihad is working both ways, Muslim girls are also propagating Love Jihad, Beware. I am aware of half-a-dozen such cases ...
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    White girl interview about muslim grooming There was an interview on radio 5 live this am (Wednesday 28.08.13). http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b038vjj2 A girl aged 14 (named Jessica - not her real name), was groomed by a muslim man. During the interview Jessica recounts how after 3 - 4 weeks of meeting that he had sex with her, although he knows she is only 14 - Jessica also tells how she was headbutted, kicked and punched, intimidated and threatened. Jessica also recounts how the police, social workers and foster families all allowed Ali access to her. She was put into care because her parents were deeply concerned about her safety - the Police told her she should be ashamed. At 21.0 (minutes) Jessica states that Jahangir Akhtar (deputy leader of Rotherham council and vice chair of Police and crime panel) knew about Ali raping her and arranged for her to be handed over to the Police while Ali could go free.
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    Don't think it has anything to do with the sex of each person- whether it is a 'sikh' women and a white guy or a white women and a 'sikh' guy I just think its a clash of incompatible lifestyles including culture and religion.
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    Bhenti to all Sadh Sangat to please sign this epetition so that further investigation can be done into this awful event that has recently occurred. http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/50149 Vaheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguroo Ji Ki Fateh
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    Drink plenty of water before bed, then you will have to get up to pee. Then once awake, continue drinking more water. Works for me :happy2:
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    If you've taken Amrit you're forbidden to trim/color your beard. If being comfortable and acceptable is what you're looking for, for a second think of what else you said. You talked about the Shaheeds. Let me ask you, did they not want to lead comfortable lives? They could have easily given up on Sikhi and adopted some other faith forced on them and become acceptable and lead a comfortable life. What exactly makes you think that trimming your beard will make you look neat? That would leave not much difference between you and someone who shaves, because you would need to do that regularly and nature would keep on giving you another opportunity to return to your original form. Most people are just lazy to keep their hair and beard clean and find the easy way out by getting rid of them. Do we ever think about peeling our skin off just to avoid taking a shower daily? No, right? Same way why even dream of trimming your beard? This is a man-made Kaljugi opinion that a trimmed beard looks neat. Besides Sikhs, look around you at any other holy man from another faith. Most of them will have uncut beards (if not unshorn hair as well). As for "why cut nails", this has been discussed loads of times in the past, please run a search. Getting medical treatment (if needed) is important because this human body is a gift from Vaheguru ji. We have to take care of it, and this answers your question as well, we need to not only care for it but honor it as well which is why we don't trim our beard. Who are we to judge the way Vaheguru ji created us? Trimming beard is one's response to the Creator, that "Look, You didn't do a perfect job in making me, now my trimmer will do it". If I am not wrong, trimmed beard Sardars are not classified legally as "Sikhs", but I will need to check on that again. Lastly, as I say in all such posts, its your own life and your personal relation with your Guru. Do whatever you see as your priority. If your priority is Guru Sahib and Sikhi, you wouldn't have asked this question to begin with. If being "neat" in the eyes of the world, becoming "acceptable" to them and living a supposedly "comfortable" life is what you want, then fine, suit yourself and do what you deem as best. No one on this board will prosecute you just because you trimmed your beard, but you WILL be answerable to the One who created you.

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