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    I would be more inclined to think that it's saying "we (Sikhs) are no longer your Sepoys"...i.e. that's all the British saw/see us as; their good ol' sepoys, which was a low rank in colonial armies. Defo seems like anti-colonial sentiments.
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    I don't know how some morons jumped to the conclusion that it was Khalistanis. Could be anyone. Could even be a nationalist Hindu person trying to say Indians won't be your sepoy foot soldier canon fodder anymore. Who knows? PS - Why do they call Smethwick 'the black country'?
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    Bro look at what was written on the memorial.. Doesn't look like it would be written by white racists
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    I was recently watching videos of 2 so called young UK ex-sikh guys both seemed to have been groomed and brainwashed by muslim friends and peers that they hung around. They both didnt have a clue about the basics of Sikhi and both seem to come from a criminal or dysfunctional working class family environments. one from a mixed hindu/sikh parents family and other from domestic abusive family. From my observation back in the days Sikh guys especially the younger guys would not leave Sikhi for anything they were proud, tribal and confident in their religion even if they weren't practising or have much knowledge of it. Back in 80s and 90s Sikhs would fight muslim extremists in street battles when muslims tried to sexually abuse, groom and convert Hindu/Sikh females. But now since the early 2000's the era of the new media, 24/7 broadband and access to information, social media they are becoming alot more vulnerable to non-sikh propaganda sources questioning such things as meaning of life? what happens after death? and role religion has answering it. In india we have christian abrahamics grooming and trying to convert them on the sly. In the west we have atheist hedonist propaganda and muslims grooming and converting them on openly no longer just targeting females. I find alot more younger guys know alot more about other ideologies and researching those than researching their own. There is so much atheist and islamic propaganda talking about key issues that Sikh groups are not talking about in terms of faith. Basics of Sikhi was doing a great job until bhai jagraj Singh sadly passed away now there's no one left doing street parchar or even online parchar proper to guide the next generation in practicing their faith in working class urban environments.
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    LOL yeah seems like i misunderstood the meaning of the graffiti
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    RSS and other non-Sikh agents easily infiltrate Sikh orgs its not a problem for them. Just need to grow kesh, a beard and put on a pagh and can do what the hell they want like they have been doing since the days of Sikh raj.Just as badal akali party, neo-Akal takht jathedhars and SGPC leaders do currently. They have no love for Sikhi or spreading Sikhi they quite happy to live and serve under non-sikh rule and subjugation in their own Sikh homeland, madness. The most powerful and destructive keshdhari non-sikh forces in the Sikh empire were the kesdhari hindu dogra prime minister and keshdhari brahmin hindu generals (lal singh and tej singh) of the Khalsa army. The biggest killers of Sikh youths in late 90s early 1990s punjab was keshdhari DGP KPS Gill and congress chief minister keshdhari beant singh. The one who betrayed the Sikhs by not getting them a separate country but siding with joining Indian Union was Keshdhari Master Tara singh (a so called hindu convert to sikhi). There are videos on youtube of sly punjabi christians posing in turban and long beard urging Sikhs to become christian. So answer to question is yes all monay/sehajdhari Sikhs should be allowed to hold offices in Sikh institutions and be spokesmen, their actions and words will justify if they have interests and love for Sikhs and Sikhi or are fake Sikhs like their counterparts in daastar disguise like the keshdhari ones.
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    I call it the Harry Potter generation or should I say Harry Putar generation. Were they are morle likely to believe in wizards and witches then their own faith Many are influenced by the media and are converting to Christianity. The reason. they have lost faith and become atheist. Lack of parenting. Sikh parents dont teach their kids jack about their faith. hence we have kids growing up as atheist. We need to start training people to do parchaar and fund them. Basics of sikhi are doing courses to teach people how to do parchaar. So maybe we will have a new generation of fully trained parchaarics comming through the ranks. Its hopeful thinking but If they can do that it can only be good thing to steer the youth in the right direction. As for people leaving Sikhi. Unfortunatley weak and vulnerable people will always be targeted for conversion . Especially when you have people who are in muslim friends circles. I dont have a single muslim friend and never have.
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    Something tells me right-wing extremists wouldn't write "1 Jarnail", veerji
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    I fully agree our people needless gave up their lives in WW1 and WW2 for a war that was not ours but still those fallen soldiers should be remembered
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    This isn’t a straightforward question. And the answer IMO isn’t black and white. Firstly not every mona fits the stereotype, and not every Kesdhari/Amritdhari is a pious, saintly person either. The fact is there are non-Kesdharis in the Panth and if my memory serves me right, there always have been; I’m pretty sure there is even a separate Maryada created for such persons. On the one hand we have all seen many examples of individuals becoming Kesdhari/Amritdhari to abuse their position...everybody knows there are pakhandis who aren’t real Singh/Singhnis but simply have the garb, or, people who think by merely being Kesdhari/Amritdhari “they are da bomb”. On the other hand though, there is a basic standard of who is representative of the Khalsa and one facet of this is undoubtedly Kes. The mahanta given to Kes is great and well known. A dilemma indeed. There is so much to weigh up, many pro and cons...there is almost too much to take into account and too many variables in order to make a blanket rule or universal decision. I think some key factors in determining whether or not a non-Kesdhari can be a spokesman for Sikhi and Sikhi-related issues are, including but not limited to: subject/topic being addressed, environment/location, target audience, level of knowledge/skills. Personally I do believe in some situations they should be allowed and this decision should be based on merit. It shouldn’t be limited to being Kesdhari or not. Why turn someone away if they have Sharda/Bhaavna in Sikhi and they have a skill set which can be utilised for Panthic causes? We should learn to work together and compromise. Making a list of non-Kesdharis who have furthered the interests of the Panth and have created a positive impact on behalf of the Panth might be a good idea. Gurbar Akaal!
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    Oh okay, so you've just justified your own inaction and uselessness by convincing yourself that these things can't be prevented and so we shouldn't do anything about them....... If such predators can't be stopped, as a community we at least need to make their schemes as difficult as damn possible, not lay down and make it easy for them. Do you mean 'our' girls? If so, you are wrong, there have been groups of Sikhs trying to help with and highlight this issue from before you were born. They've been vilified and attacked from outside and within as vigilantis, trouble-makers and racists and whatnot. Yet many haven't given up. The fact that we've got to this point where people are increasingly talking about this matter (when most of the scared people in our quom have been sweeping it under a rug, or burying their heads in the sand to it like ostriches for decades - a bit like you actually), hasn't stopped them. It's actually their success that scares the establishment so much, who'd rather ignore these things (like they have been) for some twisted notion of social cohesion (I presume). I say twisted because they have no qualms about knowingly sacrificing thousands of girls (whilst looking the other way) just so there isn't a headache for them to deal with. In the meanwhile the unchecked abusers have taken their evil to industrial scales in towns all over England. Truth is that I believe you have no faith in yourself to deal with these evil people, and you're probably right, you probably haven't got it in you. But don't then play down the issue because it brings your own cowardice and inaction to the foreground.
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    Appearance doesn't matter. If the individuals heart is in the right place then that is the main thing. This girl sounds lovely veerji, she is doing the right thing: seva etc. Such people need encouragement there aren't many people who would even just take a day off work to do seva. She is indeed blessed. This is the essence of Sikhi, having so much pyaar for Vaheguru and the Sangat. This is the definition of a True Gursikh. If you truly love Vaheguru Ji then nothing else matters, it doesn't matter how much facial hair you have, how you look. These are the least prioritised. We are fooled in to thinking that appearance matters more than heart. All Vaheguru Ji can see is the pyaar we have for Him not our appearance. Imagine how Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj feels when He sees His Gursikhs in the Sikh Saroop. This is the definition of a Guru Da Sikh.
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    Sikhism has many different beliefs, concepts and practices. But If we were to summarise the main and most important beliefs of Sikhism. What would they be? I know that the belief in one God is probably the main one , but what would be the others? It seems that in modern society many people are so bothered about minute things. That they are forgetting the main and core beliefs of the faith.
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    - Spread the faith to non-believers (as you spread it you learn it too along the way) - If you die fighting for the sake of defending innocents and Sikhi your soul will be liberated from cycles of birth and death. - Control/avoid the 5 vices -We dont believe in black magic or horoscopes or other superstituions - Celebrate Gurpurbs - To wash away your bad intentions and sins do regular daily meditation naam simran japs - The Guru's were not God's or God but as gurbani says they are metaphoric boats to help your soul cross the wild stormy ocean of ups and downs of the world to the bliss and calmness of the other side (God). - Give at least 10th of your income (daswhand) in charity but for exclusive Sikh causes only which help the sangat grow and prosper. So many foolish well meaning Sikhs give money to non-sikh causes and charities but at the determent of the Sikh community cos when someone else is getting that money, needy people in our kaum are not. Also if you are already paying taxes in your country then I would argue that 10% figure can decrease to a lower amount like 2% or 5% if your not financially able to do 10%.
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    Hopefully you're right cos there is a huge need for the ordinary laymen Sikh to start talking about their faith especially on social media and call others into our religion especially females. The more they do the more they will learn themselves and start getting more confident in promoting it to others.
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    Naam japo Chant the naam of God and praise him Kirat Karo Work and honest living (no cheating, stealing etc.) Vand ke chako Share before consuming (food, money etc.) And to help you do these 3 things you have Bani, Bana, Seva and Simran
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    The memorial has nothing to do with how we feel about the British empire.. It stands as a monument recognising the contribution made and the lives lost of soldiers.. It's a disgrace to the memory of our ancestors that someone would desecrate it
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    How you come to the most devious type of conclusion? Trying to take advantage of the sad situation and playing the panday style deflection games - bravo! Rather have the community focus on the racist culprits, you chose community fight with each other. Fir kehanday under moderation teh kiyon paeya.
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    Sikhism stands out from the rest as Sikhism has full knowledge and dates of its history documented Sikhism promotes equality for all Sikhism does not run down other faiths or force conversion Sikhism is the only faith which incorporates Martial arts (Gatka)
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    the cast system was the downfall of Hinduism. I really hate those Bharmins who refuse to eat with lower cast people or food from lower cast people. its still happens here in the UK.
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    I do feel tired at times at time as well as feeling very cold during winter months. for me, 5c is like -1. last year my Vitamin D level was low but this year its fine but still feel tired etc. like you said the chart is not the best indicator for the correct level of iron and Vitamin D. I will try out the leaf oil. hopefully, it makes a big difference and yes i do having craving for sweets lol.
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    I'm indulging you. This is too one way. You don't appear to have anything of substance to say. Look at you: You make some outlandish statement and then run off, and periodically return to try and churn the water again. You don't use ANY primary sources, everything you say is based on your personal opinion. If I can't be bothered to engage with every little silly point you try and make, it's because I think it's a waste of time. You haven't demonstrated one bit of knowledge. You are the wikipedia generation, and you haven't even used the net to help you learn in any serious way. But you think you can teach others a thing or two. It's obvious that your mindset is more of a result of absorbing mainstream culture than any serious effort to learn about your heritage on your part. You want to write a book with a Sikh historical background, but you can't be ar5ed to go through all the effort of background research that any capable writer would. Never has someone whose known so little, gone on like they know so much. You need to fly off yourself and start immersing yourself in studying A LOT MORE, before you come and give others lectures like some fountain of knowledge. Did you ever consider that I might have more interesting things to do and read than engage with your incessant ramblings?
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    Wishing you all a happy Bandi Chor Divas and Diwali
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    You ask a load of questions, but can't give straight answers yourself. So tell us what you've read in Gurmukhi, that makes you such a vidwaan at your age? How well can you read Gurmukhi? I've been doing it for years now, and I still feel like I'm just scratching the surface, but here's you making out like you've already grasped it all? It would be nice to know that we have someone who is actually knowledgeable and makes efforts to learn here. Because as of now, you just appear to be some scatter brained kid who craves attention, and tries to get this through being constantly contrary as if that demonstrates some sort of intelligence. If you've got knowledge of any depth, please share it, I'd love to hear it - but this other boll0cks you keep doing just looks like you are running around in confused circles getting nowhere.
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    one of the 4 reasons that have caused me anxiety and depression is hair loss. I am not bald I have lots of hair but its very thin in some places especially the right temple side. back in 2013 I lost alot of hair due to stress (telogen effluvium) but it grew back. 2016 i started using this shampoo called Regenpre Dr which has no harsh chemicals like Sulfates etc and contains Niacin, Vitamin B6, Saw Palmetto Extracts which promote hair grown and blocks DHT. used that along with coconut oil. My hair was becoming thick and looked in good health. I would get compliments about my hair. i looked and felt good, but then in August/September 2017 my anxiety levels increased and I started noticing my hair getting thinner.I started Regenpure hair loss tablets which contain 500g Biotin and Saw Palmetto. I added more green food to my diet. My hair got in better condition but was never as good as it was back in late/early 2017. A few weeks back noticed major thining which just increased my anxiety levels. my scalp has bumps and would hurt. times. I went to the GP as sudden hair loss is worry and not normal. the doctor examined my scalp and said there is inflammation of the scalp but no infection,no dandruff etc my hair loss could be caused by stress or seasonal shedding etc. I also had a blood test but i heard nothing back so i assume my iron levels etc are normal. My brother, dad, uncle don't have Male pattern baldness, My cousins on both sides have full head of hair, My grandad still has his hair at 79 and only started thing out when he had TB at 68. So MPB does not run in the family plus my hair loss is not in the typical Male pattern loss. it could be chronic telogen effluvium which is caused my stress and emotional imbalance. I don't have oily scalp etc. its very dry. If I don't apply oil my hair is often very dry and brittle. my hair routine is wash 3 times a week. I apply the regenpure dr shampoo leave it for 4 minutes then rinse out with cold water. I then apply the conditioner, leave it for 5 minutes then rinse with cold water. I apply oil once a week. I have the hair loss tablet once a day. I might try a few natural remedies as mentioned on here. finasteride is big no. it has horrible side effects. Hairloss is just one of my problems. I hope I can resolve all my problems and get out this state if anxiety and being unhappy more often then not.
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    You know this, but as a commander of men, i.e. soldiers, any individual responsible for a fighting unit MUST not have any liabilities amongst his men that would hamper any desire of inflicting defeat on the opposition. Why would Guru Ji willingly induct men into his army who were clearly unsuitable for the act of fighting? They weren't running a charity or a social club to make Sikhs feel good about themselves, lol. Their primary aim was to inflict damage on the enemy and win battles.
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    Sepoys no more mean no more Indian soldiers. seems to be the work of right-wing extremists rather the Khalistani's
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    I do not believe so. Maybe this person chooses to trim the beard or bodily hair? Yes perhaps. If they keep it short as most people around the world do then no! Kesh is what our Guru told us to keep, plain and simple. If you do not have 5 ks then you shouldn't represent the Guru. ...I also think that if you do not dress in all dark blue/yellow and do not carry a full length kirpan, and kara on both arms then you shouldn't be a spokesperson either.
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    Should we be proud of being part of the British empire which worked against us and the Guru's wishes? I'm not so much asking the question but making it known the panth will have to struggle with this and slavery during the sikh empire for as long as we breath.
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    How do you just make this stuff up.. When you say Europe being flooded by millions of Muslim refugees you are wrong by saying millions.. Secondly, you seem to not understand the issue of Asia bibi, she actually had the case against her thrown out. She has applied for asylum and would likely be given it. The problem is Subsequently after her court case she has been given a ban on travelling.. In the 80s and 90s thousands of Sikhs from India were given asylum in the West. In recent years all Sikhs from Afghanistan have been given asylum in international countries.. Ironically afghani Sikhs who have established communities in the UK experience more discrimination from the panjabi sikh community than many others.. It's a bit irresponsible of you to just spread nonsense

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