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    Baba Sri Chand ji wrote more than 1000 names in praise of Guru Nanak Sahib. https://m.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.170257356346943.31679.150510374988308&type=3
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    In the future, don't be so quick to jump to conclusions. Doesn't make you look good nor intelligent. There was no malicious intent behind my caaaaaalm down comment, you just took it the wrong way. I can understand if it was an honest mistake. Let's just get back on track and keep it pushing.
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    There are some on social media who are criticising Deep Sidhu and claiming that allowed himself to be ambushed by Barkha and that he should have steered clear of answering the question about Sant Bhindranwale. I think he did well because we should not allow ourselves to be railroaded into accepting the govt narrative. If the threat is that by putting forward our views about Sant Bhindranwale means that we will lose public support then our efforts should be not to accept the views of the propagandised public but to change their views. To me it looked like Barkha was genuinely shocked that Deep Sidhu defended Sant Bhindranwale and this just shows how insidious and deep rooted has become the govt propaganda. Her shock and no doubt the shock of the vast majority of her viewers are actually a good thing because when we become shocked by the views of another person, human nature is such that we seek to know why that person has that opinion. The only way to so this is to read what that person has read and I ma sure that Barkha has been shocked enough to research more into the topic because up to now she has just read and believed the govt narrative.
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    A Sikh going abroad on a 'student visa' to Australia and becomes a trucker. It is positively cliché.
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    latest news is , both attackers have been expelled from the lad's school
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    Sure, but when you know Amritdharis who are nitnemi and live very shudh lives who seem like sheep and believe everything they see in the media without question/ulterior motive, then how would you build up 'kamaiy'?
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    Depends on how they put the squeeze on people who refuse the vaccine. They can say, "It's optional," but if they won't let you do the weekly shop and go to work unless you've been vaccinated, then it's not much of a choice, is it? Personally, I'll delay it as much as possible, and see if there's any adverse reactions to it in those who've taken it when it launches. Cynical, yes, but I'm not being a hero. But this whole thing stinks. They want this 5hit in our bloodstream for some reason, and I wish I knew what the endgame is.
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    The Nihang Dals are also planning on joining the protest if demands aren't met.
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    Sandeep Kaur moved from India to Australia as an international student in 2013 Ms Kaur, 27, revealed her experience of being a female truck driver in Australia The Sikh woman is Brisbane-based and drives to interstate cities such as Sydney She said the career was a 'rewarding experience' with good pay and benefits Ms Kaur encouraged other women to try trucking if they also love to drive A humble Sikh woman has revealed what it's like to be a female driver in the male-dominated trucking industry. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9000213/Hard-working-Sikh-truckie-reveals-like-woman-road-Australia.html
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    Akali Phula Singh a 'sort of night templar' Akali Phula Singh depicted on ivory Akali Phula Singh, the head of the Akal Takht and the Akali Nihangs was suspicious of the British and for good reason."Whilst Mr. Metcalfe and his escort remained at Amritsar, our Musselman sepoys, not being prohibited it appears, made aTazea for the usual celebration of the Mahurrum, a ceremony interdicted in the Punjab, and held in abhorrence by all the bigoted followers of Guroo Govind. One Phoola Sing, a leader of Acalis, or Immortals, a sort of Knight Templars(1) among the Sikhs, attempted, at the head of his band, to cut up the party in a night attack. Captain Ferguson was severely wounded, and several of the men killed, but the assailants were fairly repulsed and driven into the town. Runjeet Singh made a decent show of regret for this outrage, which it is now believed that he was not accessory to, although at the time many considered it an experiment made at his instigation, to try the mettle of disciplined troops."(2)This was not the first time that Akali Phula Singh had attacked the British, some years earlier he virtually wiped out a number of british officers who were mapping the Punjab. Akali Phula Singh predicated the British take over the Punjab, Ranjit Singh didn't pay heed nor did the Lahore Durbar. The writing was on the wall during and after the Anglo Sikh Wars and the British made sure the Akali Nihangs were to be eliminated during these wars......

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