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  1. Parent 1. Obviously it depends on the content and the aim of the school. It would be good to have all aspects of Sikhi in one place which has authenticity. No too much pressure for them to learn and churn out material to sit exams. It would be more of quality rather than quantity . 2. Support level , to get a clear understanding what will be taught and the kids and parents expectations right from the beginning. 3. Yes Cost does matter. We have 100's of Gurudawara who should have a budget set aside to invest in the kids and our future generation. So ideas such as this can be rese
  2. I don't think we can blame the majority of the law abiding citizens. The british during their Raaj have distilled divide and conquer mentality, back stabbing , money is king tactics in the indian blood. Which today in my opinion helps those that are most vulnerable, and those corrupt individuals know how to exploit this. The British stopped Maharaj Dalip Singh going back to Punjab and take back his rule , they played every tactic to stop him and succeeded, otherwise I think Punjab would have been thee place to be. Those tactics by GOI/Police are still played now over the years we hav
  3. @Kcmidlands your bang on , its all about money nothing else. Its also interesting how they state India is a sovereign country , leave all matters to them as they can deal with it. Everyone else stay out. Yet they cause atrocities left , right and center yet no one talks. On the media , you had mainstream news about BLM,Egypt,Russia, first Mosque to provide COVID Vaccines et.. But no coverage of the farmers protest on mainstream News, where GOI have :- 1) Arrested approx. 143 people. In particular one 80 yr old and one 70 yr old. Arrested people whilst they were having lungar(food)
  4. These guys are very clever and know how to use and abuse the system. He used the "mental instability" tactic to get off lightly. Is there an appeal to the decision or have the parties involved accepted the decision?
  5. Theres always 2 sides to the story. One question , why doesn't Deep Sidhu , go back to the Morcha and explain to the sangat what really happened. If his intentions are not to defame the morcha. Why not come out if he has nothing to hide and is a true sikh , with honest agenda . Such a shame , listening to couple of his speeches , he comes across as a good character . Loads of questions around how he got to the red fort , when confronted by youth why he ran away , where did he get the motorcycle from to flee Red fort ….. The video about the Singh who put up the Nishaan Sahib was seen
  6. In my opinion , the government obviously want the farmers out of delhi . On Akaal channel a statement came out to arrest Deep Sidhu and carry out a full investigation.They also mentioned extra armed forces and internet blackout has been deployed. 18 Police officers were injured. This asks the question will they use this against the farmers and force them out of Delhi , hopefully not causing any bloodsched? There are other people aligned as well for investigation but names were not released. This is basically social media and TV media at its best. I think in one way the government have wh
  7. India is so corrupt, these are their tactics to get others going against the farmers. They farmers will not get any justice, the government are playing dirty political games. I think international pressure must be applied. Its a shame English media bbc, itv have not shown this on main news.. We can only pray hoping there is no bloodshed.
  8. Good post and question. I totally agree we need something , in my opinion I think :- 1. Have clearly defined roles and responsibilities . such as a team that can tackle Gurudawara issues , a team to tackle social media issues , a team to tackle political issues , a team to educate all , a team for sports issues/activities etc... We have a lot of organisations here in the UK that are already doing this such as Sikh network , Basics of Sikhi , Sikh Federation , Sikh Council UK ( Do we need to bring them all together ?) and will they be willing to work together ? Recently there has
  9. He should be challenged , to come on air voice his point and on the other side the scholars / organisations who have factual information to challenge him. We probably know the outcome ( he wont turn up )
  10. Question - how do you know the people behind the posts are Sikh ? One can easily on social media get images , setup sikh names , and post stuff which is anti sikh to cause a stir / controversy. I think they should be ignored , don't give them the lime light , let them do whatever they do behind closed doors ...
  11. I cant believe I am reading this thread , so much hatred , racist comments …. Are you sure you are a Sikh ? Sikhs and Hindus are not being told to be friendly with Muslims. ( if "someone" said to you go make friends with Drug dealers and rapists , would you ? Who was Bhai Mardana ? Who was Pir Buddu shah ? No one is pretending anything happened , everything is written down in history. The British Raj when they ruled India for almost 200 years , killed innocent , damaged the economy of India which in those times , India had 27% GDP of the whole world , was the leader of expo
  12. Why don't you ask your parents , who can take the burden away from you and find a suitable girl based on your requirements. (Arranged marriage) They will do the ground work , to find a suitable partner , from a good family background , etc..etc.. Then the rest is up to you ? It works both ways , you have to be good yourself as well . Marriage is about compromise , sharing , caring , learning to back off in awkward situations, biting your tongue , love will then develop over time . Having a girlfriend for x amount of years is different than marriage. You only know the true qua
  13. I think the documentary was good . It did not do justice to the interfaith marriage , just showed one view but did not actually explain what Anand Kharaj is and why Sikhs oppose interfaith marriage if the other party do not believe in maharaj jis values. I think that part of the footage portrayed Sikhs as thugs. Bhai Jagraj Singh summed it up well , "where do we get our sikhi from" , how qualified are we to comment on sikhi. ( which made me think , how much Sikhi do I know and follow …….very little ) The Singhs who covered their faces , why ? They should have explained what Maharaj Ji is
  14. Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh There is a vaja class at Guru Nanak Gurudawara Smethwick High Street every Monday start at 6pm for beginners and advanced class at 7pm.
  15. LOL , sorry bad timing for the post bro , slightly off topic .. I agree with your comments , was just ranting on about how we can protect amrtidhari and sikhi as if someone dressed up in bana , has kesh , kirpan and commits crimes ( just some thoughts ..thanks
  16. Very Sad news , deepest condolences to their families may their souls rest in peace . I think we need a national / international database registering all amritdhari baptized Sikhs , detailing , when they took Amrit , there address when baptized etc... , and issue each with ID cards. So that sikhi is not targeted , hope i'm very wrong but the way kaljug is spreading in this world , whats stopping a dushman of sikhi , dressing up as a baptized sikh and misusing the articles of faith , especially the kirpan.
  17. Read Bhai Sahib Dr Vir Singhs Sri Guru Nanak Chamatkar , translated into English by M L Mongia .( I think its on this forum) may help your understanding. My view is that the Gurus were here on earth due to atrocities from rulers crossed all limits. People were lost , to restore love , compassion back into society the first Guru, Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj , preached this in such a way that all that met Guru nanak Dev Ji fell at his feet and changed for the better.( stores such as cattle grazing, cobra protecting Guru maharaj from the suns rays , seeing mecca all directions to explain that g
  18. LOL !! I am not trying to protect anyone , again you make false judgement very dangerous thing to do , very anti Sikhi . Just focus on putting your views across on the topic and don't get personal. The initial post was about banning NKJ and Ranjit Singh from doing Katha in all UK Gurudawaras. If NKJ has sexually abused a minor then that's a civil case and as already mentioned the Victim should seek professional advice and get justice. I am just outing across my opinion about having a process in place re banning( Read the thread again ) . Anyway just going round in circles, enough said. T
  19. Indeed I am 100% lost , and yes I agree by your comment Gurbani says follow the Guru. ( sorry should have substituted to sangat who go to their Diwans) Really !!!! If that is the case , then why have the victims not prosecuted NKJ , or is there a case filed against them at present . I agree totally wrong . I understand if the abuse is of sexual nature it is very hard for the victim to speak up and prosecute the abuser , but this thread is about banning of NKJ due to their incorrect preaching of Guru Nanak Dev Ji maharaj , is it not ? Why is this pathetic? If one backs down , ac
  20. Dhanvaad Ji , thank you for your kind words LOL , , let me re-iterate my opinion again (the point I am trying to portray is the banning aspect , and how we can do things better. We Sikhs are very good at bashing people on the head make judgement very quickly , without thinking about the consequences of our actions . If you really want to know about my background ( I don't know why , me I;m a nobody and its not that important but briefly ...) , I have listened to Ranjit Singh Katha a long time back when he came to the UK , I thought he was good , simple to understand , now and again I
  21. what on earth are you on about . you have lost the plot .. leave it there ..if nothing further to post .. dhanvaad ji
  22. Like wise bro you need to go back to humble land …. might learn something there
  23. I'm awake bro , now and again have a good sleep , just had one now … time for roti .. But then does that justify us to be "asleep" if the justice system is not what it is ? or do we keep knocking at their door regardless. "Because in England we have a law system that is pro-pedophilia." I doubt that very much , you think the families would just sit their doing nothing because the law system is against them , I don't think so. Its not just grooming that's covered up , many other things are which we the public are not aware of and is hidden under the covers i.e. drugs, politics,
  24. Then why not punish him via the law courts ?
  25. Not sure I understand the above comment fully ji .. Its never too late to act I don't follow them , but have listened to their Katha and I think it is good , especially for the youth. Face it not everyone can get on stage and do parchaar , if they make a mistake , let the "enlightened ones " who ever they are guide them , rather than bashing them , So they do more better parchaar . If they don't want any dialogue or listen and have their own agenda then yes , expose them …....
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