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  1. Nice to see sikh2inspire pledge their support. It would be even better if the organisers also pledged to give them stage time on the day to do some sikhi parchar and on 1984,
  2. Very good initiative. Hope it goes well, try live broadcast on Sikh tv media uk and world wide and I hope videos etc go online
  3. They will be at the raag darbar at Tividale gurdwara sahib on Sunday 26th may, then at baba sang Ji gurdwara sahib from Monday 27th till the Saturday.
  4. Fareedkot teeka is accepted by old school Sikhs, Sato ki galli vala teeka Damdami taksal have done japji sahib teeka and are currently publishing the teeka of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji - from audio recordings by sant gurbachan Singh ji
  5. And what does any of the above have to do with Vasakhi? Will they all be religious songs? Or is the event celebrating the month of vasakh and nothing to do religion?
  6. Now what's the response, politicians big up a big that was sorted several years ago. Dirty politics. That's it
  7. Is this journalist still around? Would be good to do a report interview with him and see what wasn't written in the press
  8. Have we got any video evidence of gulshan chatting crap, or any written? If so please put it up and it can be sent to takht sahib.
  9. Give it a rest, if any of you had partaken in the seva, it's only a little bit of milk that is initially used. About 5 litres or less and that is mixed with water. After that the Amrit from samovar is used.
  10. They were not jathedar of damdami taksal, possibly amritsar vali - or a vidiarthi
  11. It's the same at India isn't it? Sri darbar sahib, second floor has Akhand paat sahibs and straight below open space is Kirtan constantly. Sri akaal takht sahib is same, all the bungeh have Akhand paat sahibs, but all day Kirtan is heard and on loud speakers. At other asthaans and takhts it's exactly the same. It may be manmat for you guys, but not necessarily for the panth
  12. Big mistake by harbajan Singh then, maybe he should be told the panthic patrol on sikh sangat disagrees with him simply doing a request to singers not to base all there songs on kaam and drugs. What world do we live in, I thought it was a positive message.
  13. Same in the uk, we took alot of time out, writeups, CDs, ringin takht sahib all jathebandia. Kick off etc. personal infights between singhs who were close at one time just over this <banned word filter activated>, and in the end all that will happen is the Sarna group will send another <banned word filter activated>. So it's positive that he lost
  14. These dates were followed by everyone 10 yrs ago before all this fiasco started
  15. Fortunately some of us had the sangat of real saints,its unfortunate for those who were not blessed with this. Where there is fake, there must be real. Problem is these individuals try and put everyone in the same boat. E.g. are there real and fake sikhs?/punjabis/no punjabi who claim to be sikh? These preachers use a common enemy to engage the sangat, but unfortunately they are alot worser than these so called sants, as they are also breaking the sangat from the guru.
  16. Try the Facebook link I know the Singh personally, a great guy
  17. It's known thought the Jatha, why did the presenter have to cut off Giani pritam Singh, was anand listening to the sakhi
  18. The moolmantar written by sant gurbachan Singh and baba Thakur Singh has the same version as what dhumma has done, the article is incorrect. There are various versions as per pointed out by singhfauja
  19. Hopefully a calender will be released soon
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