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  1. i practised wing chun kung fu in the past and would highly recommend it. It was developed by a woman, and so you dont need to be big and strong. Its very direct and applicable to street combat. JKD is supposed to be good however its difficult to know if you are being taught the genuine JKD martial art, the best instructors would be in the USA. from my experience, the martial art is irrelevent, the instructor is what is important. There are some excellent martial arts instructors out there and also some very crappy ones.. vjkk vjkf!
  2. i want to boycott sangat tv, but i genuinely like some of their shows such as derby live and discovery, their live broadcasts of parkash smagam recently in hayes and baba thakur singhs barsi last year were excellent. Has anybody from sangat phoned them to discuss these recent issues and asked for an apology and explanation as to what the heck is going on??
  3. why do people keep setting up all of these different organisations. why must you have some sort of power and authority? our supreme body is akaal takht. In the uk we should all unite behind the sikh council uk. khalsa panth has its leader, sri guru granth sahib ji maharaj no one else
  4. Does anybody know how much of the 1.2million loan had been paid over the past 2 years? Also which gurdwaras are run by gangsters?! ^^^
  5. there was a big drive a few months back for donations to stop this place closing and lots of donations were made in a short period of time from sangat around the uk. There was so many posts on this website by people who attend the academy begging for donations. Why suddenly is it closing down with not a single mention to the wider sangat and how come nobody is doing anything to stop this from happening? what is the reason that this individual wants the keys? what are his plans for the property?
  6. im really shocked, i hope sangat tv gets its act together and starts acting like a SIKH channel.
  7. This is pathetic what are sangat tv playing at as a registered charity aren't their aims to promote Sikhi? There are already lots of islamic channels why are they trying to make one of our channels appeal to Muslims? Sangat needs to speak with them for clarification this is Getting out of hand
  8. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-14470772 can somebody please save this video upload it onto youtube. vjkk vjkf!
  9. i think this is a great opportunity to spread awareness of sikhi and its philosophy. the whole world is watching
  10. please all watch sikh channel sky 840 at 2:30 pm. live broadcaste titled "protect your gurdwara"
  11. does anybody from sangat know anything about british law, how much force can we use to protect ourselves and our gurdwaras??? this information might be useful to know before tonight
  12. taken from sikh youth-projects facebook status Also a BENTI to ALL Singhs, today EVERYONE needs to ring each other and meet at their towns Main Gurdwara between 6:30 - 7pm and then mobilise into groups to ALL Gurdwara in affected areas..Hopefully the Police will prevent further rioting tonight, but if they don't we need to be prepared to protect our Guru Ghars from mindless vandalism!! LETS UNITE, lets put our differences to aside and come together! For Coventry Sikhs we would request to meet at GNP Gurdwara 7pm Ilford/East London - Meeting at Gurdwara Singh Sabha 7Kings Gym, High
  13. ive not watched much news the past few days, watching it at the moment on sky news, its crazy. its spread to birmingham. i agree, we need to be ready to protect our community and gurdwaras the police are useless!
  14. vaheguroo je ka khalsa, vaheguroo je kee fateh (the khalsa belong to god, all victory, is gods victory) im sure some of my more knowledgeable posters will guide you in due time, but here are a few good websites to get you started : http://www.allaboutsikhs.com/ - a wealth of information about sikhism http://sikhitothemax.com/ - can read from sri guru granth sahibji online with english translation there is a lot of ebooks in english available online, here is one site that you can read from http://www.sikhroots.com/docman/cat_view/67-resources i would definitely recommend reading t
  15. heres there facebook page, ask them your questions and let sangat here know the response vjkk vjkf http://www.facebook.com/crossrd.gurdwara.coventry
  16. vjkk vjkf! This program was a huge success! All of the talks are available for download from the following link, please take time to listen to the amazing talks http://www.4shared.com/folder/​XS08r59s/Project_Five-_Part_2.​html vjkk vjkf!
  17. vjkk vjkf does anybody know if this gurdwara in dubai is built yet and open?
  18. im not a bhramgyani by any means, but im pretty sure that it isnt gurmat to believe in these coincidences/messages. Im sure if you tried hard enough you could find a pattern/message/coincidence with most things. Just dont over analyse things too much and your lives will be a lot simpler and happier im sure, dont mean to offend anyone. fateh
  19. vjkk vjkf thanks for your reply, i will try your suggestions vjkk vjkf
  20. cheers for the advice i will check them websites out. vjkk vjkf
  21. I was really impressed by his kirtan and that he translates the shabbad into english and punjabi. We need more educated people whom can do this to help spread the message of sikhi vjkk vjkf
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