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  1. Propaganda [more] to shed bad light upon the Sikhs because Bahmans are worried about Sikh TV stations preaching and the various gatherings of Sikhs for 1984 etc.
  2. You'll find Basakhi is recognised by people in USA, UK. Obama and even Dubya have in the past wished Sikhs a Happy Basakhi as has Gordon Brown, not sure if 'Call me Dave' has :s
  3. If he was all that is said above, then why did they oust him? he was a tyrant. Saying that I felt very sorry for him in his last hour, as he was abused and beaten then shot. Waheguru Kher Kare.
  4. Where are you from? have you not heard of Basaikhi? the same amount of celebrations that are conducted upon this day as you'd see for Eid, Christmas, Diwali? we have a whole month of Nagar Kirtans [Processions] dedicated to it!
  5. Two fools complain and the Sikh Channel is fined?! This is not acceptable.
  6. Though some would say it's washing feet (1), down below (2), mouth/teeth(3), face (4), hands (5) but as long as you're clean and it matters now.
  7. Panj Inshnaana is the when you can't shower/bath you clean five steps method. Similar to the Muslim Wuzu. Panj Ishnaan Wash hands and then wash mouth and spill the water out. Second put finger in nose and clean it. Third pour water in hands and then let the water go down arms and do the same thing on other arm. Fourth wash the face and wash behind ears. Fifth wash feet. It's used before Punj Ishnaan before reciting Kirtan Sohila Sahib at night and more generally, before having Darshan of Maharaj in his Darbar.
  8. If countries that are known the world over like the following with tiny tiny populations and are very successful, then why can't over 20 million Sikhs or so not achieve the same....?! Gibraltar 29,441 Monaco 35,000 Liechtenstein 36,157 Andorra 84,082 Barbados 273,000 Iceland 318,452 Luxembourg
  9. SIkhs are told to remember Waheguru 24/7, so why would you recitation of Gurbani be wrong in any form? it's not so carry on. As for the cleaning have you heard of Panj Inshnaana?
  10. Well it's better than the rubbish we see all over the music channels. If one person is encouraged towards Sikhi then that's better than none. )
  11. Speak English to them! Have huge screens that have subtitles for the Gurbani when it's recited. This is why we lack and other Faiths progress they translate into many languages so people can understand. Think Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Ji spoke many languages to get his message across. We fools don't.
  12. English isn't used as the main language to lure them in. Sadly Panjabi isn't the language they understand due to the parents lack of teaching it because they've been to busy in pubs and watching Zee TV and neglected them, but now they are older it's a case of closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.
  13. We have to remember that the pictures that are drawn by people are just pictures. They have no reflection on how each Guru Sahib looked. Nice as they are, we should not fall into the worship of them as have Hindus, Christians of their Deities. Dhan Akal!
  14. A jot is worlds apart from a Havan! A jot is also lit in the Churches, Synagogues.
  15. You sound insane. The Lord Guru Gobind Singh worshipped Shakti? lol you're obviously not of the Sikh thought.
  16. He gave the world {and his team did} the Mac, Ipod, Iphone, Ipads. He died of cancer. Lord rest his soul. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/steve-jobs/8809997/Steve-Jobs-dies-live-blog.html
  17. So does he think that only the Hindu Avtars are 'Waheguru' what about Mohammed Sahib, Jesus Sahib, Buddha Sahib?
  18. A small amount of racism when foreign players are on the pitch mainly from the opposition. But, South Asians just aren't good enough if they were would India etc not have their own good football team? They like just Cricket and Hockey. In the West it's the same, good enough for a kickabout in the park, but not for professional football.
  19. Only Waheguru knows the end of the world. No man, woman can even know the times. Speculation is all that we can do.
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