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  1. Erm Lucifer was an Angel of God before his fall from Grace.... Anyway, this surely may come as a revelation to you and those that question, this is the internet, and so called online personas are not to be taken literally little child....:rolleyes2:
  2. I agree with the Jatt bit. I belong to it, and have to say that's the main reasons we have divisions in Sikhism. They won't let Ravidassi Sikhs do the things we do, so they go and make 'Guru Ravidassi Temples, Dharmsalas' etc etc. We seem to think all others are beneath us, it's a sad sad affair. Also when the elders ask Keri jaat da toon, I say koi jaat ni, they laugh and say don't you know? sarian di jaat hondi ah it's pathetic these so called 'siane' who have less knowlege than an cretin. :allears:
  3. Of course, where do you live? The majority of the Sangat do, apart from a few it's common practice. Why would that matter anyway. :confused:
  4. I'm guessing you're a Namdhari or Nirankari....[other cult/sect...] Satguru is Waheguru. When the Guru Sahibs were here they were the Satgurus as they were the vessel to carry the name of the Lord within them. Currently Shri Guru Granth Sahib is the Guru, but is not to be worshipped as an idol, as it too is a vessel to carry the verses of God. Satguru mera sada sada, na avai na javai. [True Guru is forever and ever, he neither comes, nor goes] this attribute can only be affliated with Waheguru.
  5. I'd be more shocked if there were less 'Gurus' today. Seems every Tom, <banned word filter activated> or Harry is a so called 'Guru' aj kal!
  6. If you actually took the time to search this site you'll find this topic has been done more times than I can count! yes it happens, it happens to many. Muslims don't like Kurdish Muslims so when they elope with them they refuse it or 'honour kill' so educate the silly girls, if they don't understand with love take of the joothi and deh teri jor naal. :ipunchyou: Watch them abide!
  7. There is no issue with that. You have a medical problem, these so called 'Giainis' or whom ever tells you it's not allowed are talking nonsense. Seva is done with Sharda Pyar [Love and Humilty] so it matters not. Carry on, ignore them. Guru Fateh.
  8. It's actually Castes! Here we do not understand your silly chavvish slang text talk... Yes it exists, along with many other things. Go and resolve it.
  9. Yes, like you're going to FEEL yourself rotting! :rolleyes2: It matters not if we are cremated or buried. If the burial there seems to be a lack of places even of Christians, Muslims these days so much of the Earth has been taken up. Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Ji did not instruct his last rites, the burial and cremation of two parts of his shroud emphasise that.
  10. Dhan Dhan Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaaj Sahib Nirankar, was offered Alcohol by the Yogis, he refused, saying ''I'm intoxicated on the name of the Lord, the intoxicant NEVER stops, it is continous unlike the one you drink and smoke'' :respect: Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh Ji!
  11. Are u literally Cool Water....? :doh:
  12. Soya chunks taste like chicken. The meat tastes good, so you can buy replicated 'Bacon' Sausages etc. But that does not mean you enjoy indulging in eating meat, after all it's just the flavouring in the latter.
  13. It's an experience so beautiful and unique that it can't be described by any existing words. Something that is very moving, that the feeling of bliss flows through your heart and mind, the soul rejoices, the feel of Heaven, the feeling of actually laying your eyes on Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Ji Mahraaj Sahib Nirankar! are just a tiny description...
  14. LMAO. where on earth did you hear this? who says Amritdharis have exclusivity over Waheguru Simran?!
  15. They all look like Marasi!! Thosw two wearing the Kirpans are to LURE the Sikhs to say look these people are Sikhs too etc etc the silly men and women fall for it and that's more maya for the silly man with a drum on his head.
  16. Gyani Takhur Singh does some ace Katha. Just listening to his Katha on Dhan Shiekh Farid Ji. So many more to look forward to. Fateh!
  17. Why are you using cold water? :s Go to sleep, say 11/11.30 that gives you enough time to sleep well. If you're like me then 4 hours alone would suffice. Why do you need to stretch?
  18. What baffles me is why on earth is Badal [dark cloud] still there? isn't he doing what the dictators in the Middle East doing...? get rid of the buffoon! Also where are these so called 'Sants' coming from?! Every Tom <banned word filter activated> and Harry is a Sant all of a sudden!
  19. Who cares? it's a load of nonsense. It looks nice, it's decrotive. At the end of the day Gurbani takes presedence over everything and that should be our main concern.
  20. Why should we stop it?! Do you have a patent on Sikhism and it's Gurus?? The Guru Sahibs BELONG to ALL! If you're a hetro, homo, bisexual etc etc you and God have a personal link, that is why Sikhi is different to other Religions! You yourself are prejudiced, and judge those who do not conform, yet Waheguru does not as they too are his creation. Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak Ji spoke about tolerance, well you try a bit of that if you think you're a Sikh...
  21. Erm stop making a song and dance about every trivial thing. Sikhs have much more greater issues than a remark directed at anybody with a turban [sikhs, Arabs etc] HIGNFY is an ace programme. His remarks were in sarcasm at the person who made the statement about Obama being a 'Raghead' listen to the last remark he says 'D***head' At least try and understand the satire before throwing a wobbly! Fateh!
  22. Katchi Bani that's uttered by false dehtari 'Gurus' Naamdharis 'Guru' does so and others Nirankaris. Anything that's not written in the Guru Granth Sahib is KATCHI [Raw, False]
  23. You don't need an army, look at the Middle East uprising are they soldiers? no they are mere students, people of all walks of life. Let the Revolution begin in the Panjab if they really want it and then the rest of the Sikhs worldwide support them. I fear they do not want it in the Panjab....
  24. And that same Pakistan protects the likes of Dhan Nanakana Sahib and other Sikh Gurdwaras!
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