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  1. There are 2 Sikh MP's, and Lord Indarjit Singh in the House of Lords
  2. Tejada a Spanish name and she is from Colombia (you will find this easily via google)
  3. Also, Nazanine and Hedges are/were both most likely spies/well connected to the 'Establishment'
  4. I am reading a David Icke book ‘everything you need to know’ it is very interesting and I highly recommend for anyone who like me is very sceptical/cynical about the world we live in
  5. Maybe because as a mona he didn’t feel deserving to call himself ‘ Singh’
  6. Has anyone read any of the books, and what is the opinion on them?
  7. I didn't mean books written in clairvoyant way, but books which are making broad predictions on culture, geopolitics, change in technology etc
  8. Can anyone suggest any good books? I like reading. Thanks
  9. 'Pray' if compared to what Christians call it, is Ardaas.
  10. No, it was wrong to take place like this. But now, I remember I attended an Anand Karaj which was in Jalandhar a few years ago which was also not at a Gurdwara. I'm not sure though of whether Anand Karaj should/shouldn't happen outside of Gurdwara
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-46133262 As per the link above, this man wants to legally change his age. All sorts of things have become normalised in society, like pre-marital relations, homosexuality, sexualisation of children, swearing, worshipping figures of entertainment, genetic engineering And other things like floods of migration into Europe I believe, have Can anyone recommend any books, videos or audio I can access to educate myself on what to expect in the future? I understand David Icke is a good source?
  12. I wouldn’t worry too much. At least only a minority of UK population would have seen it.
  13. Premi5


    This is quite interesting what you posted, not heard if it that way. But not clear to me how Anand Sahib Ji follows on from Chaupai Sahib Ji. And can you share your knowledge in Rehraas Sahib Ji please?
  14. Are you saying there were a lot of Sikhs in Mirpur area pre-partition? Or do you mean more in the region near Rawalpindi, which I have heard Sikhs had a bad time there ?
  15. Where did you see this person from Lahore? They might be Punjabi but they speak Urdu with their children usually I thought Mirpuris were too uneducated to be speaking Urdu? I find they are closer to most Punjabi Sikhs in terms of build (and even facial appearance of many of their males) than the Lahori types
  16. All foods we eat are processed unfortunately. I think there are supposed to be a lot of unhealthy chemicals including steroids put into dairy so that might be cause of high cholesterol from dairy. In Japanese culture, they have very little dairy intake (but get protein from fish) and have lowest rates of osteoporosis in the world, compared to western Europe which has highest dairy intake but also highest rates of osteoporosis. So it seems that other aspects of lifestyle are also very important
  17. I did not know that. I assume they were mainly in places like South-west London, east London, and Manchester?
  18. Premi5


    Having listened to some katha over time, I understand that we should all try to do the 5 Bani in morning, and Rehraas in evening and Kirtan Sohila before sleep. All the Bani have to some extent (but not exclusively), their own purpose/meaning for why we should do them I understand Chaupai Sahib helps with 'protection' throughout the day; that Anand Sahib helps for peace of mind; Kirtan Sohila is for protection overnight and for protection when we die. Can anyone summarise more about why we should do the other Bani, and what we would lack in our lives if we missed any of the individual Bani in our routine?
  19. With all these 'Asian' grooming gangs, the majority as we know are Pakistani origin. If this is broken down further, I understand they are overwhelmingly of 'Mirpuri' or 'Kashmiri Pakistani' or north Punjabi origin (areas near Jhelum, Rawalpindi, Gujrat). I understand these populations of Pakistani British are the ones who have older communities in the UK especially in areas like Birmingham, Luton, Lancashire and Yorkshire Is it true to say that most of the remainder of British Pakistanis (especially first generation immigrants) from other places in Punjab like Lahore, Sialkot as well as Pashtuns and Muhajirs are generally better educated and less involved in illegal activities ? This has been my experience in the UK. If I am wrong, please can those who have better knowledge and lived amongst Pakistanis more than me, elaborate
  20. Yes, interesting news. But you must live in India as most people in West are Not religious and many would call themselves atheist or agnostic. Also, to be a singer, actor or dancer (definitely more so in the West compared to South Asia) you are more likely to be non-religious especially in the U.K.
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