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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leicestershire-56089759 She spoke up for what she believes in, but it is difficult to have it both ways when you want to make a living and maintain your principles
  2. Rightly or wrongly, the 'reputation' of a woman carries great weight for her immediate and extended families in conservative cultures, e.g. Catholic countries, Indian subcontinent and middle East
  3. So synthetic food will be safe ? I would like the opinion of our resident health expert, @jkvlondon
  4. what is his agenda here? I am anti-beef but he seems to be promoting a dangerous practice and I doubt he will be doing the same. Why not stop eating meat altogether ? Separately, is meat-eating manmat or has it been promoted deliberately by ‘elites’? https://news.sky.com/story/amp/rich-countries-should-eat-synthetic-beef-says-bill-gates-12219763 Bill Gates has urged rich nations to move to "100% synthetic beef" in order to address the greenhouse gas emissions driving global climate change. In his new book, How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, the billionaire philanthropist stresses that while it remains possible for humanity to avert the disaster through technological achievements, government policy will ultimately be needed. Speaking to the MIT Technology Review magazine, he said that some governments would be constrained by their wealth: "I don't think the poorest 80 countries will be eating synthetic beef. I do think all rich countries should move to 100% synthetic beef."
  5. Why do people in the west (I can only really talk about my media experiences of UK, N America and Oz) need to lower the level so much when it comes to fundraising/charity? Okay, if it is a sponsored silence or running a marathon, then I agree it's a good effort and could be rewarded But then there are things promoted like 'shaving off hair' , stripping, naked calenders etc Is it just kaljug ?
  6. which areas in particular ? As I said, I live and work in and around the area, I have a good friend who is white but he says he was getting attacked by blacks in lewisham when growing up I think real racism is different to xenophobia. Where is more deprived now than before?
  7. SENSEX VACCINE GOOGLE SBI WHATSAPP INDIAN ARMY https://www.businesstoday.in/current/economy-politics/khalsa-tv-fined-50000-pound-for-inciting-violence-terror-reference/story/431195.html Khalsa TV fined 50,000 pound for inciting violence, terror reference KTV had aired a music video and a discussion programme which gave out an indirect call to Sikhs living in the UK to commit violence. The material also contained a terror referenc BusinessToday.In | February 13, 2021 | Updated 19:18 IST KTV is a television channel which broadcasts content for the Sikh community in the United Kingdom United Kingdom's media watchdog has slapped a fine of GBP 50,000 (approx Rs 50.2 lakhs) on Khalsa Television Ltd (KTV) for inciting British Sikhs to commit violence. KTV had aired a music video and a discussion programme which gave out an indirect call to Sikhs living in the UK to commit violence. The material also contained a terror reference, as per news agency PTI. The Office of Communications (Ofcom), the UK's media watchdog, issued the order on Friday following its findings dating back to February and November 2019. "We have today fined KTV GBP 50,000 for airing content which had the potential to incite violence and cause harm. KTV also must not repeat the content concerned, and air a summary of our decision," Ofcom said in a tweet. Ofcom has levied two financial penalties on KTV for failing to comply with the watchdog's broadcasting rules. A GBP 20,000 has been imposed for the music video and GBP 30,000 for the discussion programme, according to the Ofcom order. Ofcom's order to KTV also includes direction for the channel to air a statement regarding the media watchdog's findings in a form which will be determined by the regulatory body itself. KTV has also been ordered to not repeat telecast the music video and discussion programme in question. On July 4, 7, and 9 in 2018, KTV had aired the music video for a song called 'Bagga and Shera'. After the investigation, Ofcom has concluded that the music video gave an indirect call to action for Sikhs in the UK to commit violence. According to Ofcom, the music video appeared to be seeking to influence people by communicating a message to the viewers without them being aware or fully aware. This was in violation of the watchdog's rules. The discussion programme was broadcasted on March 30, 2019, with the title 'Pantak Masle'. Ofcom discovered that the programme gave a platform to individuals to express their views which amounted to indirect calls to action and were likely to incite crimes. Ofcom also found that the programme included a reference to Babbar Khalsa, a proscribed terrorist organisation. Ofcom concluded that this could be taken as an attempt at legitimising the terrorist organisation and normalising its aims and actions KTV is a television channel which broadcasts content for the Sikh community in the United Kingdom under a licence held by Khalsa Television Limited.
  8. A lot of.the whites have left, like in Zimbabwe. A lot of them are in UK
  9. Met remembers PC Karpal Kaur Sandhu, the first female Asian and Sikh police officer News • Feb 01, 2021 07:00 GMT https://news.met.police.uk/news/met-remembers-pc-karpal-kaur-sandhu-the-first-female-asian-and-sikh-police-officer-420121 [PC Karpal Kaur Sandhu] Today, Monday, 1 February, marks the 50th anniversary of PC Karpal Kaur Sandhu joining the Metropolitan Police as the first female Asian police officer in the UK serving from 1971 to 1973. To mark Karpal’s unique contribution to policing, the Met is holding a virtual event to remember her life and legacy. The event will be opened by Assistant Commissioner Helen Ball and will feature contributions from Tanmanjeet Singh ‘Tan’ Dhesi MP, the UK’s first turbaned Sikh MP, Paramjit Kaur Matharu, CEO of the Sikh Assembly, and Sikh officers from across the Met. Speaking about today’s commemoration event, Romy Sandhu, Karpal Kaur Sandhu’s daughter, has expressed her pride, saying: “I’m so proud of my mother, and her legacy as the UK’s first female police officer from an Asian and Sikh background. It’s wonderful that 50 years on she is remembered, and is an inspiration to generations of new female police officers joining the Met.” Assistant Commissioner Helen Ball, said: “PC Karpal Kaur Sandhu was a true pioneer and ahead of her time. I have no doubt that her decision to join the Met Police in 1971 was a brave one and she would have faced considerable challenges along the way. “As Britain's and the Met’s first Asian female officer, Karpal paved the way for so many others who have gone into policing since 1971. “Fifty years to the day after PC Sandhu joined the Met, I am pleased that we are able to remember her life, her career and the legacy she has left policing." Ravjeet Gupta, Chair of the Metropolitan Police Sikh Association, said: “Today, together with representatives from the Met’s Sikh Association, Met police officers and staff and the wider Sikh community, we remember Karpal’s special contribution to policing, as the UK’s first female Asian and Sikh police officer. ”Karpal was an invaluable ambassador for the Met who helped break down barriers with London's communities and will always be remembered for being a trailblazer of her time.” Karpal was born to a Sikh family in Zanzibar, east Africa, in 1943 and came to the UK in 1962, where she got a job as a nurse at Chase Farm Hospital. Karpal joined the Met in 1971 at the age of 27, where she served at Hornsey police station before moving to Leyton. At a time when there would have only been about 700 female officers in the Met, Karpal was both the first female Sikh and female Asian police officer in the UK. Writing in a report at the time, her Chief Superintendent said that she was “proving invaluable with our dealings with the immigrant population and she is also assisting other divisions in this work and also in teaching police officers Asian dialects.” He added that she was “energetic, intelligent and conscientious” and enjoyed playing hockey and driving. In November 1973, Karpal passed away in tragic circumstances. Sadly, the Met lost a promising officer who had a bright future. Today, 50 years on from PC Karpal Kaur Sandhu joining the Met, we remember her life and legacy with this special event.
  10. Not sure what you meant with this post, but living in/around London I have seen racism against whites for sure. And, yes, their is discrimination sometimes against whites here, and it can affect the working class or middle/upper classes
  11. Most of London proper is majority non white now, and most of the white British are middle/upper middle class only in the outer parts are significant white majority. im surprised you think that racists will flourish easily in London, I see almost none in southeast London unless you mean blacks racist towards whites
  12. Examples of wider gene pool for ‘them’? do you mean mixed race people less likely to have own cultural identity ? So easier to manipulate by media? I would have thought drugs companies would want inbreeding as it more likely creates genetic defects
  13. Wonder how many of them have been blackmailed (by GOI /secret services) for something-they did in their past, hence they have no choice but to follow orders ? how strong is the ‘mafia’ in India, do they /GOI control most of these ‘celebs’?
  14. Most of the white working class people I know are very decent people. Actually, white people I know mostly are regardless of class/wealth. the working class especially have been made to feel forgotten - whether that’s their ‘fault’ or not , no doubt they rarely climb social ladder here in the UK through education as it doesn’t seem valued unlike with eg South Asian , Chinese and Africa. immigrants. there are differences if you are referring to white people in other parts of Europe, which are still relatively conservative like Russia, Poland, Hungary
  15. Difficult to say. clearly majority have gone away from God rather than attending Church but are many are living more ethically e.g veganism is popular, people better aware of environmental issues. People are maybe not religious but getting more spiritual (not all, many are going even further away into kaljug) e.g practising yoga and mindfulness i don’t think most whites are arguing with each other over minorities like BLM. if anything more likely to be whites uniting more against other minorities If people continue to lose jobs and income then there could be a bigger backlash against the small percent of wealthy elites and millionaires who have a disproportionate amount of wealth Sikhs need to ensure we are not involved/taking sides as much as possible.
  16. Coronavirus in Tanzania: The country that's rejecting the vaccine https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/world-africa-55900680 Vaccine dispute Since June last year, when President John Magufuli declared the country "Covid-19 free" , he, along with other top government officials, have mocked the efficacy of masks, doubted if testing works, and teased neighbouring countries which have imposed health measures to curb the virus. Mr Magufuli has also warned - without providing any evidence - that Covid-19 vaccines could be harmful and has instead been urging Tanzanians to use steam inhalation and herbal medicines, neither of which have been approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) as treatments. It is unclear why the president has expressed such scepticism about the vaccines but he recently said that Tanzanians should not be used as "guinea pigs". "If the white man was able to come up with vaccinations, he should have found a vaccination for Aids, cancer and TB by now," said Mr Magufuli, who has often cast himself as standing up to Western imperialism . The WHO disagrees. "Vaccines work and I encourage the [Tanzanian] government to prepare for a Covid vaccination campaign," said Dr Matshidiso Moeti, the WHO's Africa director, adding that the organisation was ready to support the country. But Health Minister Dorothy Gwajima reiterated Mr Magufuli's stance on vaccines, adding that the ministry had " its own procedure on how to receive any medicines and we do so after we have satisfied ourselves with the product". She made the comments at a press briefing this week at which an official demonstrated how to make a smoothie using ginger, onions, lemons and pepper - a drink, they said without providing evidence, which would help prevent catching coronavirus. "We must improve our personal hygiene, wash hands with running water and soap, use handkerchiefs, herbal steam, exercise, eat nutritious food, drink plenty of water, and [use] natural remedies that our nation is endowed with," Dr Gwajima said. But this was not because the virus was in the country. Tanzanians had to be prepared because the virus was "ravaging" neighbouring countries, she said. Some medics are sceptical about the government's stance. "The problem here is the government is telling Tanzanians that the vegetable mixture, which has nutritional benefits, is all they need to keep coronavirus at bay, which is not the case," a local doctor speaking anonymously told the BBC, adding that people still had to take precautions against the virus For months Tanzania's government has insisted the country was free from Covid-19 - so there are no plans for vaccination. The BBC's Dickens Olewe has spoken to one family mourning the death of a husband and father suspected of having had the disease. The fear is that amid the denial, there are many more unacknowledged victims of this highly contagious virus. @jkvlondon
  17. Any idea how much we can trust what is labelled 'organic'? I am sceptical about how 'pure' they would be, would they not have been affected by spread of pesticides etc in the soil ?
  18. I don't think so, no British posh type who has talked to me about Sikhs has ever mentioned their awareness of castes and jatts & tharkhaans etc, that would likely be just a small minority. I doubt most know Sikh demographics in that much detail. But definitely Sikhs are liked generally by those who know who we are. I went to see a football match at a team once (at a team who have a fan reputation for being racist) and someone told my white friend 'Sikhs are alright' (implication being certain other religious minorities are not) But the high up army types to whom the government/MOD would be close, probably cannot be trusted
  19. https://www.republicworld.com/india-news/general-news/when-pm-narendra-modi-disguised-himself-as-a-sikh-to-evade-arrest-during-emergency-years.html When PM Narendra Modi Disguised Himself As A Sikh To Evade Arrest During Emergency Years PM Modi has mentioned in his book ‘Aapatkal Mein Gujarat’ that he disguised himself in inventive ways to hide himself during Emergency days Written By Shatabdi Chowdhury As the Bharatiya Janata Party observed ‘black day’ on the 43rd anniversary of imposition of Emergency and PM Narendra Modi leading the attack on Opposition for the ‘dark years’, the latter remembered how leaders were put in jail if they failed to conform with the ideas and policies of the Indira Gandhi-led government. In his book, PM Modi has said that he was one of the several leaders who wore disguises to evade arrest. He also said though he was not a tall leader of RSS at the time of Emergency, he used to carry information around as a connector between top leaders. PM Narendra Modi had a pseudonym as well - Prakash, As per several media reports, he even carried banned literature to Delhi and met Jan Sangh leaders in jail. The underground work Modi did during this time helped him grow as a prominent leader and by the time Emergency lifted, from an ordinary pracharak he became one of the promising names in the RSS circle. PM Modi was once asked by a school student too, on Teacher’s Day, that whether the picture of him posing as a Sikh was fake or not. PM Modi had then replied to him that the picture wasn’t fake and narrated the whole incident about the time when he had to dress as a Sikh to evade arrest. Watch the video here:
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