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  1. There is a barrier. Hitting the life out of a kid is wrong but giving a kid a slap if they’re naughty is fine. The kid needs to habe a little respect for the parent.
  2. The Chapal (shoe) is the most traditional way of punishing a naughty kid. We must keep this legacy of the Sacred Chapal alive...
  3. AkalkiFauj

    Boy Names

    Bahadur Singh Ajit Singh Dharam Daya Gagan Gurcharan
  4. And this is after that guy attacked Guru Arjan Dev ji Gurdwara Derby! And remember what day it is today; Guru Arjan Dev Ji’s Shaheedi Purab. What a wacko world that we are living in.
  5. How can i be sure that it’s guru Sahib
  6. What I would say is to first get good at Sikh Granths (e.g: like Aad Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji, Sri Dasam Granth, Sarbloh Grath, Suraj Pratap Granth). Then start researching other Scriptures of other faiths.
  7. Akaaal! We are still not finished. Got to get a few Sikhs in South America probably .
  8. I would say that starched Paghs are better for the Kenyan style. It only becomes a topi if you treat it as one (e.g: take of like a hat rather than not doing the larh to larh).
  9. Some people call it Sukh Nidaan. Not too of. I mean they probably get sukh after drinking sukha!
  10. But, Sant Jarnail Singh ji said in a video that Baba Nihal Singh ji supported them. They also were arrested during the Dharam Yudh Morcha. The clip at the end doesn’t prove anything.
  11. I consumed vinegar without knowing that it was made of alcohol!
  12. We need someone like Akali Phoola Singh and Sant Jarnail Singh Ji. Back in the 80’s , loads of people were taking Amrit.
  13. My gran one time went here but she got scared and ran out just as she went in because there were buckets at the front and people were in them!
  14. You can go in to learn. Maharaj ji says that we should learn other granths of other religions but not to forget our own.
  15. You have to go for pesh if you have a relationship outside marriage. That basically means that having a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship is a kuhrehit. It’s different to finding someone to marry.
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