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  1. Tough. But guess money talks. Maintaining your identity is one thing but getting married is another thing. Could be wrong. Makes you think about the quote by Guru Gobind Singh: Raj Bina Nahin Dharam Chale Hain, Dharam Bina Sab Dalle Malle Hain
  2. Hard to explain. But it probably takes some realization along the way before you start placing expectations on yourself. For example, my grandpa use to tell me stories on how he use to work upto 17hours on the fields and then theres my father who works alot of hours in his job. And myself being the only male and sardar you realize this is not going to be easy (keeping your identity and grinding through life). You try your best and leave the rest to good faith. At the sametime be thankful. Its tough however, especially when you come from rough/troubled upbringing. Can just say keep praying and keep yourself busy which can mean doing sewa at the gudwara in your spare time.
  3. Agree with one of the posts. As a male you tend to put higher expecations on yourself. Especially when you rock a pagh, then your representing a whole community. This is when you realize you have to be thankful for what you have and just keep pushing forward. And when it comes to marriage just pray you get the proper partner. Our Guru's emphasized marriage life but if nothing is really coming your way despite you making an effort then whats the point? Arrange marriage?
  4. Before Hindu, Muslim or Sikh be Human first This was NOT said by Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Don't know where apnay got this quote from.
  5. Peeps are trying to move on from the 80's and here you are bringing it up again. They say a picture is worth a thousands words.....those pics of the kharkus during the 80's with the AK's say enough.
  6. jjs8

    Some guidance pls

    Your awake and is concience of what your doing. You can improve yourself from here through naam, sewa and smrin. All the best.
  7. Attend Sangat. Naam, simrin and sewa will take you a long way. Not wisest person (trims beard, drinks alcohol) but steadily we can conquer our minds. We have to tame the 5 robbers from our mind and become gurmukh.
  8. Read up on the Komagata Maru Incident. Back then there was a collective conscience in regards to family life, hard work and etc. Sikhs wrote to the Governor General back in the late 1800's regarding this when they were stranded on the ship. But the British did not give a damn and sent the ship back with most it's passengers even though some the guys on the ship were former British officers. Now, things have changed. We must keep Guru Granth Sahib Ji in our chit despite all the havoc surrounding us. There is a blend of pind life and western life in Canada so to say. As far as taking oath. Read up on history or visit England and see how Sikhs are living there. Do you agree with the current British standard of living?
  9. Agreed. My pops is monah and I'm Singh. You get stuck between two worlds sometimes lol.
  10. jjs8

    hair cut

    The guys dumb for posting a question like this here.
  11. Good question. I will tell you from my experience. Was heavily involved in Kaam when growing up. Was always a Singh but grew up as a troubled kid and at one point drinking, smoking weed, checking out girls and watching porn was the norm. But one day heard Sant Kartar Singh Bhindrawale's Katha on youtube and this changed my life. He emphasized on the mind which really made me listen. However, overtime my mental stability declined and my mom decided to take me to India. Learnt a lot from the trip but when coming back started getting into trouble with the law and was incarcerated a couple of times. 10 years later still trying to get my mind under control. Probably at the same point now before going to India but more connected to Gurbani and naam. Waking up early in the morning, reciting naam and meditating helps a lot to keep the mind under control. Going for long walks and listening to kirtan helps too. You are pretty much awake and probably more wiser than myself. But you will slowly start to understand when you gain divine knowledge. In this game of life you probably won't entirely avoid Kaam but slowly you will understand what Guru Granth Sahib Ji is trying to say. Please never forget Guru Granth Sahib Ji cuz sometimes it feel likes there will be very Sikhs left that will keep Guru Ji in their chit. But that's another topic.
  12. Current life better? Your current life is now. Hence the present according to Guru Ji. But yes do understand you somewhat.
  13. You guys are delusional if you think about this stuff. As Gurmukhs we have to focus our consciousness on the present and not worry about past lives or after lives
  14. I grew up with kookey. They are some of my good friends and still talk to them. They are probably the biggest believers in Gurbani but when it comes to the human Guru, that's when things get twisted. This is probably why they have many internal conflicts.
  15. At least your awake brother. That's the first step. Keep reciting bani and try to integrate it into your daily life. You will find out what this mind is all about.
  16. Tie your hair at the back. Put one patka over it like how you will tie it if your joora was on top. Then another patka to make it look clean.
  17. This busy life out in the West is what makes it hard to stay fit. Not amritdhari but vegetarian and it could get pricey. Is it worth it? Probably. I always have protein powder jugs handy, and will chug a glass down after 1-2 days of hard work. Afraid of marriage and kids. That's where the real test is going to come from refraining from a big stomach. But my advice is, no matter if your fat skinny or fit one should get into cardio. A couple laps around the track always helps.
  18. Yea my apologies, should've asked about different vegetarian foods from different cultures. But as vegetarian must say can't complain about the nutritional variety that's out there. It could get pricey though. But sometimes simple roti is the way to go. Was starting to see a little trend in our community regarding veganism but that's too much in my opinion.
  19. Whats your guys take on food? Are you guys open to eating different foods from different cultures? Just ate sushi that someone brought over yesterday and it felt different. ? Maybe b/c I was eating roti the past couple of days.
  20. I once read on this forum long time ago that the woman in Sikhism will be a big impact in this quoms existence in western countries.
  21. jjs8


    Read books on great Gursikhs and Saints.
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