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y is kumi flooding the forum?

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naww sall goodd....you can make the same statement about me....i think ive posted more <_< @ ......anyways he has questions like al of us do....i think he brings in a diff flavor to the forum

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man jes chill.. nobody sayin u should get banned....

y'alll need to ease up on kumi... let the brotha ask questions .....

tha's what sangat is for.. to help out other sikhs.. and to answer questions that they mite have... this brotha jes has a lot more questions then we do.. hahaha..


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once upon a time i used to post up to 20 a day. the highest was 49 posts in one day.


and patthetic

kumi did nothin like that that and he is being flamed.

i annoyed like i was the crazy frog of SS and no-one flamed me (well there were some who told the admin i should be banned)

my whole point being is, that this guy can change. and my suggestion is, he should be given two weeks to show he is not the new annoying old kandola ( LOL.gif )

like i said, if he was more annoying than i was, like how i once posted loads, then i say we cannot have another old kandola on this site.

so ban him

but he isnt as annoying as that. so i say we should let him stay. man this guy is just 12.

gustaphi maaf

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i dont see the problem really, its not if hes posting nonsense and invalid questions on sikhi. this is bit of a stupid post, i would he offended if some said that about me, let the guy post all he wants, within reason of course. And i would ask the sangat if they wanted to throw me off the forum, i mean theres nothing to 'chill about that at all' -

' man jes chill.. nobody sayin u should get banned.... '

people should think before they post, and well post something that is worth learning from.

bhul chuf mafi,

Mod Note: Kumi is not flooding the board. Topic Closed.

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