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Marriage With Pind Da Munda/kuri

Guest Jaspuvanjyot Kaur

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If people are worried about being related then I would suggest marrying out of caste. Most of my blood related cousins do not share my surname, so instead of pulling out the family tree, just marry someone from a different caste or nationality.

We are all human, and god resides in us all, thats what counts, whether we marry a white person, black person, chinese person, Italian or German and so on and so forth lol.

If you do share the same surname as someone then I guess pull out your family trees or create one to avoid confusion.

But I'm willing to bet that we are all inbred in way or another, but then that's what happens when you continuously marry in the same caste over and over again... Most of my cousins are also related to my other cousins in some way or another, some of them are related to me twice on mum and dads side.

I bet Baba Nanak knew this would happen, lol we really should have heeded his proclamation that there is 'No Hindu No Muslim'... :stupidme:

To everyone on here who want to marry another Sikh, there are plenty of sikhs who are other races who regularly practice samadhi(silencing of the mind, the highest deed of a human and our aim in this life).

I've seen many white sikhs in America who regularly go into samadhi through attunement to naam/Truth instead of sitting around procrastinating and indulging in their thoughts(Ego). They just go for it- it's a great thing to see, and I bow humbly at their feet, for that is the true divine slavery/ surrender and application of gurbani- just about every single page of gurbani directs us to this and states it as being the highest deed in life.

As for caste, it is not just caste that our Gurus and Bhagat Ravidas and Kabir Ji preached against, it is races aswell, Baba Nanak said we are all the same- it's time people started putting their ego's and snobbery away and realised it.

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