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Amritdhari Rituals?!?!


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i recently took amrit and was told that i have to wear a kachara while bathing and then only taking it off with one leg in and the other in the new kachara. and i have to tie a kirpan around my head when taking a shower. i tried to these things but i just found myself wasting time and getting frustrated on these practices. i feel that they are bhraman type rituals which hold no spirtual meaning whatsoever. these practices did have their place in Guru Ji's time. wearing kachara while bathing made sense because everyone would bath in rivers out in the open so for privacy sake it made sense to wear it and then change it while the other was on. aswell as wearing a kirpan at all times even while bathing made sense at that time because Singhs could be attacked at any time so they have to have their shastars closeby. but in today's world they make no sense. if you are alone in a locked bathroom there is no need to for these things. also, if you don't wear a kirpan while bathing or a kachara does that mean that amrit is broken? i think not, amrit is very powerful only doing a major kurheit can it be broken not by not wearing a kirpan or kachara while bathing, we are not bhramans, Guru Sahib took us out of rituals. these are just my thoughts please post yours.

Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

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good post Gabroo!

I don't really understand your point KirpaKaro. Did you just post that to indirectly say that those people who carry out these 'rituals' are Brahmins?

We only have to comp our hair twice a day, so why do we have to keep our kangha with ourselves the whole time? Today not that many people recognize Karra as a shastar, so that eliminates its soul purpose.. so might aswell take that off too, right?

Answers? I think it all ends with Guru Sahib telling us: Gurmat Mat Achal Hai Chelae Na Sakae Koe

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Guest mehtab
i have to wear a kachara while bathing and then only taking it off with one leg in and the other in the new kachara
i read this long back that this is what we are supposed to do...i think in the beginning it can be a little difficult but as u keep doing it it becomes 2nd nature ;)

stay in chardi kala :(

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At first I through it was also bit odd, but then I through to my self if Guru Ji wants me to do it I will. I don't really care the only thing is that its Guru jis order.

Some info I got from

Got that from http://www.damdamitaksal.com/lit_rehat_13.htm


sIl jq kI kC pihir pkiVE hiQAwrw ]

"The sign of true chastity is the Kashera, you must wear this and hold weapons in hand."

(Bhai Gurdas ji, //. 41, pauri 15)

The Kashera is the sign of <admin-profanity filter activated> restraint. The Kashera and Kirpan are never to be separated from the body.

k`C ikRpwn n kbhU iqAwgY ]

"The Kashera and Kirpan are never to leave the body."

(Rehatnama Bhai Desa Singh ji p.147)

You are only to wear Rev Kashera (a traditional style Kashera). The Kashera gives us the teaching,

dyiK prweIAW cMgIAW, mwvW BYxW DIAW jwxY ]

"Men should look at the opposite sex as mothers, sisters and daughters,

(women should look at the opposite sex as fathers, brothers and sons)."

(//. 29, Pauri 11, Bhai Gurdas ji)

The Kashera is never to leave your body i.e. stepping out of it with both your legs. After doing Ishnaan, one half of the wet Kashera is to be removed from one leg and a dry clean Kashera is to be put on that leg, and similarly for the other leg. If the Kashera does leave the body by accident, then you are to approach "Five Singhs" who will do Ardas for you and give you a punishment. If the Kangha, Kirpan and Kara leave the body you can do an Ardas yourself, but if the Kashera leaves the body only "Five Singhs" can do the Ardas. The Kashera is never t

o be changed whilst your head is uncovered.

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Kirpakaro.. I used to have same views as yours.. like Whass up with kachera and kirpan etc.. during isshnann .. BUt u know what helped me understanding it..

JUST ACCEPT THE WAY IT IS.. Don't think, don't be oversmart, just accept the will of panj piyaraess.. Just don't question ! there are some things which can't be answered instead accept the way it is. period.

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